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OSU CASNR | Agribusiness Degree Program

(upbeat quiet guitar music) – Agribusiness is a look at agriculture from a business stance. It’s all of the behind
the scenes work that goes into the financial side of
things and how the numbers side of agriculture runs. Before coming to OSU, I
had clear path determined of what I thought I wanted to do. But once I got here, I
realized my passions and found my home in the Agricultural
Economic Department. Growing up in agriculture,
it was something I was super passionate about, but
I also really love school and I really love math. And so for me to get to combine
both those things together was just the best of both worlds. My favorite part about
my major and the classes that I’ve taken is that OSU has two different types of classes. They have business and agribusiness. And so with my major, I’m able to take the agribusiness
classes which allow me to get that business expertise while learning about agriculture. As an out of state student,
finances were definitely one of my biggest worries coming to OSU. But through the OSU
Scholarships, CASNR Scholarships, and the Ag Econ Department Scholarships, I was able to make my dream a reality. I chose to attend OSU, specifically CASNR, because when I came on a visit
here, it just felt like home. I’d gone on several other
college visits and I just didn’t feel like I fit in there,
but when I came here, everyone was a just a family
and I felt so welcome. One awesome thing about the CASNR Family is our faculty advisors. When you come to OSU, you
get one advisor that stays with you all four years of college. My advisor’s helped me
every step of the way through my academic
career, whether that be planning my schedule
for the next semester, or navigating my future career options.

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