1. TarantulaDan

    certainly not one for beginners but they are a T that I think everyone should own once in their time keeping tarantula…..when they have the experience of course.
    great video with lots of good information, hopefully this will help people who have never owned one of these spiders ☺

  2. Spydey Vee

    Hey Tom.
    I am getting One Of these in two days time.
    Definitely excited. Its a little bitty sling, but I am excited mone the less. Once again, awesone video and great objective, straight forward and level headed advice.
    Thanks Tom.

  3. Bobbi Merritt

    Just got my first OBT sling and she's a lot of fun. Hard to believe that just 2 years ago I was scared of anything with 8 legs!

  4. Alexander Buess

    nice video as usual.

    Definitely on my list for the future.

    I heard they could be kept communally, do you have any information about that?

    Thank you!

  5. Wacky Mel0n

    I’ve kept 3 Ts and two have died for reasons I couldn’t control there is a toddler in my house so would an obt be ok or should I get a more docile tarantula that is colorful like the obt. Maybe a gbb

  6. Widow Keeper

    I'm taking that leap into advanced keeping and I'm feeling really good about it. I just got an OBT sling the size of my fingernail half an hour ago! It's hard not to want one of these guys, temper aside, they look like a gold coin come to life, and I'm looking forward to watching my little one grow up. <3

  7. nicole donohoe

    Great video Tom as all your are! I have to say my OBTs were my 3rd and 4Th T’S I had a Pink Toe for my first then a Vietnam Blue for 2nd then the 2 OBTs now I own 10 T’S and I have always used respect towards them I will say you taught me so much and transfers are always done with the catch cups with holes and cardboard all your tricks so no chance for escape I actually have just did my 3 rd rehouse on the OBTs and now both are in a medium round critter keeper with lots of room for growth so they will be good for a while I thank you everyday as you taught me so much !!

  8. sydney100757

    I unpacked my obt sling today. It was my first old world and true to form it was fast. The second the paper towel was unwrapped it bolted across my bathtub. Thankfully I stayed calm through the whole ordeal. You have to have great respect for the animals and as stated in the video comfort level is everything.

  9. Paul Richard

    I’d LOVE to keep one, but I just haven’t mustered up the guts. These make my centipede seem friendly 😮 Sometime soon, though, for sure. Nice vid man!

  10. Miss Chloe Jenkins

    thank you for the advice and help im buying one off a friend on my next pay day which is in 4 days time I cant wait 🙂

  11. Jonathan Talkington

    I bought 2 obts as my starter ts in 2016 one died and the other just started being aggresive. Now it's a grumpy orange ball that I barely ever see lol

  12. mrobinson12

    My OBT was across the counter before I could even blink when feeding once. They are no joke but I learned my lesson lol. When I would feed him he would just hang and wait for the cricket. This time I sprayed his habitat before and he was gone. I swear we sat and looked at each other for 30 minutes before I got the nerve to catch him. 😵😖

  13. Laura Currado

    I had an OBT: she was a Craigslist rescue and the shiest T I had; actually only saw her twice in about 5 months. Conversely, my B. vagans was the feistiest and most defensive T in my collection…he would dash out and throw a threat pose if you merely touched his tank. Though there are certainly species-specific traits, one can never assign a blanket statement to T's…or anything else in general! 😉 That said, y'all have me thinking twice about trying an OBT again. 😉

  14. Tracy-Paul O' Brien

    Hey Tom, I cannot remember how many times I have just read your clarification over and over again and how many times I could not stop laughing. It has given me a great set of buzzes. Who said anyone needs drugs when you can get free ones here on youtube. All the best from Liverpool north west UK.

  15. Droxus

    I honestly hated spiders in general, but ever since I started watching exotic lair I just can't keep my eyes off the OBT. They're so beautiful

  16. S Koning

    I have a strange strange OBT. Its a male I bough on 2cm body as no-sexed, I never got a treat posture and he is an adult now but Im not gonna breed because there are more then enough of them in europe. Yes he is very fast but he use Its speed to run in the burrow or web.

  17. dakota krueger

    Im a beginner and i have a obt a singapore blue and red knee my red knee is a female adult, my obt and singapore blue are both juveniles. But i dont touch or get my obt or blue out at all as i know its speed and defensiveness

  18. ElishaAKATheD3rpieAlienXM

    I am wondering to get this species, even tho i am not that experienced yet, i do have a B.hamoreii and a p.metallica and a p.regalis

  19. Brian Haman

    Funny story. My first T was an OBT. I had no idea what I was getting and the pet store didn't tell me how agressive it is. I put it in it's enclosure and went to bed. The next morning I got up to make some coffee and turned on the light and the OBT was climbing up the wall. I just grabbed a cup and put it over the T and caught it and put it back in it's enclosure. I probably was close to being bitten and really had no idea how bad the bite was. Always good to do your homework before buying any T. Thank you for this video and getting the word out there that this is not a beginner species. That was. A long time ago and I just got another OBT but this time I am more experienced and know how dangerous it is.

  20. Michiel OSH

    I've held T's for 15+ years, i was thinking of getting a more challenging species, your advise makes me reconcider the options. Great video, great advise to get you thinking about it.

  21. Rachael's 8-Legged Wonders

    Man, every time I look through your videos, Tom, I find something else useful and interesting. I love this species, too. So beautiful! They do get a “bad rap” (not completely deserved, but certainly partially! :-D).
    LOVE the idea of keeping them semi-arboreally. It really helps them to feel more secure, I think, when they have some depth to retreat to. Great video!


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