Painting fabric with chalk type paint with Amanda Peppard of Suite Pieces. So simple!

everyone I'm Amanda with sweet pieces and I want to talk to you today about painting your fabric we get lots of customers from our questions from customers all the time about painting fabric we have a bunch of chairs around the shop that have been painted with it our famous hot pink sofa with the link Tufts that was also painted so I'm going to do a quick little video for you today it's so super simple so we have this beautiful chair this is how we bought the chair it was gold and the cushion is probably like a cotton-blend it has a little bit of a raised pattern on it but there are some stains on here as you can see and so I want to just paint this up and I'm actually painting this for one of our peeps she is getting married in a couple weeks Leah Mora we can't wait so excited for her but she's going to have a little seating area with some really fabulous vintage furniture and so we're going to paint this seat in a blush color that we made custom by using primer red which is this beautiful rich brick red by any Sloan and we did it one part primer red to sixteen parts old white so this is the beautiful shade of pink or blush that we're going to be using today and if you haven't seen these awesome color cards that we've done we do have them on our blog they're on Pinterest it just gives you a really great inspiration for different colors that you can create with any songs beautiful 32 colors so let me get started here so the first thing that you want to do when you're painting your fabric this actual seat is attached to the chair so I just taped off the areas where the frame is so I don't get any paint on there and I like to spray my fabric down before I paint it you can also mix your paint with water but I just find that that's an extra step and I don't like doing extra steps so I'm going to just spritz down a small area of the fabric so I'm going to be working on I'm going to get it pretty wet I'm going to just take my brush and you know swish it in there just get it nice and wet and then I'm going to go ahead and dip my paintbrush into my paint I'm going to get a little bit of paints on there I don't have a ton and I'm basically going to oh my god to be so beautiful I'm just kind of pushing my paint into the wet fabric that I just great think of it more like you're dyeing the fabric and not necessarily like you're painting a coat of paint on the fabric you want to do nice thin coats oh this is going to be so beautiful as I get one area painted I'm going to just start spraying down another area and doing the same exact thing now when you're painting fabric I find that I usually have to do two two and a half codes that might need to do a little bit of touch-up on an area if it looks like it hasn't been covered fully and after I'm done painting the fabric and it's well covered I'm usually this is a little tip I like to lightly sand the fabric down just to cut out any of that stiffness if you come into the store all of our pieces that have been painted with fabric are really soft and that is the key to just give it a really quick light sand and then we seal it with wax and a tip on which fabrics to paint which fabrics are appropriate for paint I find that the natural fabrics do best so Cotton's linens silks do really nicely with paint and anything that doesn't have like a lot of gritty texture to it if something has like a lot of nubs on it that usually makes the fabric a little bit more stiff so things that are you know this does have texture on it has a texture to it but it's still you know pretty soft I have painted fabric that has a lot of pattern on it like a printed kind and you can cover that bad boy I mean completely the headboard that I actually did in my bedroom was an awful 80s pattern and it is if we covered in Paris gray and it looks beautiful so super super easy I would continue on with this and keep going but I want to show you one other thing before I leave you because that's just so super easy I know you have a hang of that I'm going to show you how I sand the fabric down after it has been painted so we're working on this chair and we did this the other night on an event that we had which was great and we painted this in duck egg blue and I'm really angry with myself because I didn't take a before picture of it for you I wish I could show it to you I have to find it I do have one in my archive somewhere but this was a horrid floral fabric it was green and pink and yellow and blue and black and gray there were all kinds of patterns in it so we did about two and a half coats of duck egg blue on it and now if you hear that it kind of sounds a little bit like well it was painted so what I'm going to do is I'm going to take my 320 grit sandpaper this is a little bit more fine and I'm going to give it a really quick sand okay how long is that maybe 10 seconds so not a really long sand and now I have a wet rag these are our waxing rags we sell these in the store they're absolutely freakin fantastic I can assure you I tried just about every rag out there this is my absolute favorite as I like this I'm going to get color on the rag this is because I've just sanded it and I have all kinds of traffic dust on my brush you do not have to worry that when you sit on your fabric that you're going to get paint on you you won't as long as you're doing this the way that I'm showing you you'll be fine so I've now writes down my fabric I'm good to go and I'm going to just let this dry for a quick second and I'm going to rub my hand over this again and you're going to hear a completely different sound hear how smooth that sounds now quick smooth like a baby's butt I'm going to give this a quick coat of wax and that's it I'm going to rub on the wax very lightly I'm going to wipe out the excess and this chair will be totally done so easy peasy so the next time you want to paint fabric definitely stop down these three pieces either in Huntington or Brooklyn or our soon-to-be Massapequa it is coming soon we are we are getting closer for sure so stay tuned for more details on that and I hope that you'll stop by either Huntington or Brooklyn this weekend Memorial Day weekend because we are having a big sale we are having 20% of all of our sweet pieces furniture we're doing 3495 chalk paint quartz I know you all love that and to celebrate our brand new stencil rooms in both stores we're doing 15% off of all of our stencils so all these gorgeous stencils and we now have them laid out in a room all on their own our 15% off this weekend so I hope that you will stop down and say hello to us we cannot wait to meet you


  1. Cindy Jozefiak

    I have done this and I love the ease and the way it looks.  However, I find that the paint rubs off on my clothes even though I sealed it with wax.  Any thoughts on what I may have done wrong or what I can do to fix it?  Thanks so much!

  2. Susan Goodrich Lerner

    I've heard that one should not wax unless you want a leather look, that the fabric will be softer without the wax. Comments?

  3. Fairhope Sewing School Fairhope, AL

    You are SO good! Love the tips you give and they are exactly the questions I have! The wax you put on the fabric do we need to buff it after we apply it? Thank You!

  4. rosysky02 Inphoenix

    Thank you soooo much for the video, I was going to pay hundreds to refabric my 6 dining chairs. I followed your tips and went out and bought chalk paint, wax, tape, and a brush all for about $50 did my chairs and they turned out soooo beautiful…

  5. Gloria De Jesus

    I painted

    Can I fix the painted linen fabric of an upholstered chair? I used the Annie Sloane Napoleonic Blue chalk paint and it looked beautiful. After the clear wax was applied.the fabric feels like vinyl but prior to waxing fabric was soft. What did I do wrong?

  6. Bella Partida

    i saw stencils in the back did you make them or order them? also i have couches that you can take the fabric off and can be thrown in the washer… if i paint them and wax them can i still wash them if they get stained i have 6kids

  7. cyn

    What paint would you advise i have a black and white cotton chevron stripped chair thats dingy. Im looking to paint a solid color. Im afraid lol what type of paint?

  8. Juliana Leo

    I have an old vintage piece, the fabric is NOT cotton – in fact, I have no idea what it is because the Victorian sofa must be 150 years old or more.   I may have to do a portion of the cushion to do a test, but curious as to whether you have done OLD stuff?

  9. Suite Pieces

    Hi Alexandra! You'll know when the paint is dry…it'll feel a bit stiff…but once you sand it will feel softer…I don't usually sand in between but you probably could 👍🏼

  10. Alexandra Sasa H. Anderson

    Wow!! Amazing work!!! Love it!!!! How long drying time between primer application and paint? Are you suppose to sand them after primer has been applied too? I have light colored dining room chairs I want to touch up. Would cream/beige ivory work on them? They are light light yellow tint with golden stripes.

  11. BarbaraL Lowell

    When you apply second and third coats, do you still pre-spray with water? Also, I have 2 outdoor chair cushions, any idea of how once waxed these could hold up in the elements?

  12. Cassity ART

    Really cool!  Have you tried painting multiple colors on a chair or sofa?  How does layering work for this process?  Is it possible to paint over paint and still sand to a soft surface again?  Thanks.

  13. Frances Ortega

    Hello, love the chairs…and ASCP, just wondering if you have ever tried the AS lacquer on velour or velvet? I am a bit worried about using the wax. I have been painting velour cushions…Emperor's silk Red, Can you tell me if you have any experience painting with those fabrics and whether or not you waxed?


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