1. Simonne

    I have no idea how embroidering a shaded and super detailed rose is easier for me than painting it. I've embroidered tons of roses using beautiful silk embroidery thread, but painting has always been hard for me.

  2. Pac Man

    I might be late to this video but I was winning if you can help me with some paint. I’m trying to get a type of paint that can wash off and don’t wash off. Any input would be much appreciate thanks!

  3. Merpy Things

    wowzer that is beautiful.. thank you for the tips. i have been painting shirts and such recently and i didn’t use fabric medium although they turned out pretty well. but now i will know to use some medium

  4. Victoria Ciolek

    Hi April. I loved what I could hear and did see of your tutorial. I had my computer volume up as loud it would go and couldn't hear you, so I changed to my laptop and the same thing. I would love it, if you could make a video showing how we could paint on T-shirts for the summer, something pretty and not to hard, for us beginners and then what we would use to set it, so it wouldn't bleed and would stay on. I saw your other things and they were beautiful. I did Subscribe anyway and gave a Thumbs UP, again, because I would love to learn. Thank you.

  5. Frigga Halcyon

    this video is by far the most useful tips that i've seen among all the other videos regarding fabric painting… thank you for that..

  6. holesinthefacee

    i started a fabric paint project and knew noting of the fabric paint medium, would i be able to go back over the pattern with the fabric paint medium?


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