Papaya Air Layering Propagation – Amazing Agriculture Technology

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  1. Ravindra Swamy

    Are we living in a pre-Charlie Chalin era or what. If you cannot render narration, atleast show subtitles. But whythat loud music? Are we to understand on our own. Simply waste of time…

  2. Stalin Boudh

    This is very dangerous for human health. Which is growing very faster, it will kill you faster. Every plant has time to grow and give fruits. All the new shortcu technologies are like broiler chicken… It is very dangerous people should think and realise. Save you and your family, generations

  3. Abul kalam Azad

    Allah knows best dearest babi radasar.east+west+sreepur Bazar+ 2 number razargonj South union+hajigonj+chandpur+comilla+Dhaka+chittagonj+sirazgonj +sylhet+Kolkata+West Bengal+rest is the world babi place it's Allah knows allways honorabAle.respecetabale dearest babi I honor familey relative with most honoring way requested sekh hasina she have no idea my Allah the j.c.p.l .America Hugh's Holly issue what's happened ?it's lesson for sekh hasina it's lesson for the all world I nevar hate Allah creatiton the ant please be safe sekh hasina nevar play wrong politicale game Allah approving with your Allah choise prime minister 1st the Islamic pepole in Bangladesh .the pepole Islamic in Bangladesh 1st caretaker goverment prime minister .dearest hasina please advise for you with your son please don't fight I am best for all the mankind world Allah knows.holly Maha ramadan.allah hafez

  4. Ramakant Patil

    सबको मुर्ख बना रहा है।झुट दिखाकर,किसान को लाल च दिखाकर अंधा बना रहा है।इससे दूर रहौ


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