[PARSEC] Smart Precision Agriculture with Drones

Farmers are faced with challenges of
on-time discoveries of pests and diseases that devastate their produce. Assessing
the condition of the entire crop is extremely demanding, especially on large
agricultural land. The latter may lead to undetected hot
spots and, consequently, to the shortfalls in the crop. For this reason, the use of
sprays is applied on the whole produce, causing enormous costs an additional
environmental burden. In Termodron we have developed a solution for precise
inspection of agricultural land, using UAVs, drones, state of the art
technology and algorithms. With our help, farmers can optimize the cost of labor,
and the use of fertilizers and sprays to minimize the adverse effect on the
environment, as pesticides are used only where necessary. Periodic inspections of
agricultural land with drones result in an on-time response in dry periods,
drainage and increased yields per hectare. The results of inspection and
analysis are available within a very short period. The entire solution is
farmer-friendly, simple to use and it works on their farming machinery for
precision crop treatments. “With precision farming and use of drones to lower costs of pesticides and fertilizers.”

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