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Pastured Egg farming Victoria Australia

I’m Kate, I’m from Top Hundred Acres and we’re 35 kilometers north of Melbourne. We’re sort of in the heart of the Plenty Valley. So we are a free range farm, we’ve diversified recently so that we have our Chicken Caravan which is a wonderful invention. So we’ve had the chickens for three months, yeah, we got them in September: that’s when our Caravan was delivered. One of the big aims of our farm is we’re wanting to improve the pasture, so the Caravan plays a big part in that, and obviously, you know, we can tow it around, our whole farm and yes, it fertilizes the ground that we tow around the paddock and we have 400 chickens at the moment, that are all free range, their feed doesn’t have any artificial coloring in it, it’s all natural grains. We have some cows as well, that’s the main things we do at the moment, We also grow garlic, so yeah, we have a crop of garlic that we grow annually and it’s all organic, so we don’t use any chemical pesticides. And that’s why the Chicken Caravan is really good, because it can tow it around and fertilize before we plant a new crop. Our chickens in the Caravan they’re never locked up so they are on fresh grass all the time. The Caravan is moved around and obviously the chickens are picking up grubs and eating the grass so it’s making good nutritious eggs. So we have Bradley, is our alpaca and guardian, so he guards all our hens, we also have a solar-powered electric fence so that runs a huge area that we move all the time, and makes sure the foxes are kept out. So we have a large section of the paddock that we basically plow up every year, we plant a crop of garlic, the main varieties we grow are Monaro Purple and Giant Russian. Sometimes we grow Australian white, at the same time, we grow without any use of chemicals so it’s basically organic. It’s hand-weeded and watered directly from our dam using rainwater. Yeah, and harvested by hand and hangs up in our shed.


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  2. Choose Vegan Author

    Did she just say 'nutritious eggs'? Im sorry but eggs cannot be called nutritious at all, 1 egg contains more cholesterol than a single big mac, give me a break would you.

    Also, if you look up Dr Michael Greger and check one of his vids on eggs you will see that via freedom of information he managed to get access to emails between the American Egg board and the USDA, in short, each time the egg board wants to advertise they have to run their campaign via the usda since its public money they are using, and I can tell you that even the American USDA was against them using words like 'nutritious' or 'healthy' or anything similar.

    Docos I recommend checking out..

    The Secret Reason We Eat Meat by Dr Melanie Joy

    Gary Yourofsky Best Speech Ever



    Forks Over Knives

  3. Mari Muthu Mukilan Author

    hi, this is Muhilan, I want to start country chicken and i am from india in tamilnadu and then i want to work with your farm so i need your contact address and phone number and then will you please call for me. My Phone Number 8940329781

  4. Field Vet Author

    if you give extra chicken feed (complete feed), or how wide areas of land needed for 1000 chickens to obtain sufficient natural food every day? like bugs, grain and crude fiber / plant. For comparison, because I work at a chicken farm with industrial systems. How the selling price of eggs in the market compared to eggs from the farm industry? thank you

  5. HeartlandTuber Author

    Kate, your speech is such a beautiful example of classic "high-rising terminal" (or the Australian Question Intonation). Every declarative sentence ends with a rising intonation, as if asking a question. When I first started listening, I thought, good grief, did she migrate from Canada, so I did a little research, and apparently this speech pattern is very, very Australian. Maybe not till the final sentence, "… and ends up in our shed", did you end the sentence without a rising intonation. Maybe since that was the end of the video, you finally ended the sentence without a question mark.

    Loved you video, I grew up on a farm raising chickens and goats, and now that I am retired, after living in the city my whole adult life, videos like your trigger so much nostalgia and good memories of earlier times. Thanks.

  6. Umbaliche Jr Author

    Hi. I am From Tanzania in East Africa. your video is very nice. I love your farm.
    I am kind into the very same business. I keep my chickens inside like ful time. I really love the idea of keeping them outside. I have two chicken houses capable of holding up to 1,000 but I am keeping 800 chickens by now.

    would you please share your contact may be I can learn something your you.

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    Thank you.


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