Patient Animal Husbandry

I got the cows and pigs hanging out together in the forest path exactly what they're eating pigs are probably looking for acorns Kyle probably might be too big just eat it yesterday the cows came out on pasture a little earlier today they're hanging out in the woods so off the wait till later and see how close I can get to the cows before they're on the way see if I can see what they're doing picture scattered all over the place back here back there sweetie what are you doing it's cool maybe the cows will see the pigs coming close to me and maybe they'll come the cows will come close to me yeah hey sweetie now the pigs know that solemn too though see if I can get this black pigs you move right in hey sweetie come on you hungry one treat good yeah ethos eat the Greenbriar thank you there you go good girl that's your favorite stuff in there good girl oh I think here's it good girl come on babies good girl yeah it's pretty good isn't it it's pretty good here yeah come on sweetie let's see they can't all fit their head in that bucket the first time they tried to eat out of a bucket I should have brought the pan oh there you go good got a share right I'm gonna share good girl good girl good good yeah I'm a real scary the I aren't a real scary anyway enjoy you just come running now hey good job good good good come on you two gotta hurry up I know I'm real scary a real scary guy come on sweeties at work they heard that and came running man they ran they can hear better than the pigs come on sweeties yeah there you go flicker good girl you like that hey that's the good stuff thirsty

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