1. Noal Farm

    Thank for Watching my video
    Thank for Support it 😀
    We are always happy to create educational videos.
    Please share the video and comment you want us to better.
    Thank you

  2. Kalankar Prashanth

    Is there any harvesting machine available for harvesting Millets like
    Foxtail millet,Kodo millet,
    Barnyard millet,littlemillet
    Brown top millet ?

  3. Ёжик в тумане

    Озгина ер ёнгокни деб шунча палагини яни мол-куйни йемини ер билан битта килиб ташладия ДУРААААКК!!!

  4. Suar 99x2

    I dont understand why no 1080p.

    My story 😂. 4 year ago i come to this chanel. at that time dont even read comment on everything i see on internet then thing change everything


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