1. Robert Combs

    Very nice !!! All kinds of different boat shapes..but it all comes from a nice centered ..round bowl which you have thown… I like the clover shaped clay too! If you lay the pattern on the outside of the bowl … It would make it much easier to score it and then cut it from the outside. (: I will be making these now .. Thanks!

  2. Elaine Henderson

    Thanks for sharing these lovely ideas! Just wondered what clay you use, as it's so malleable yet has been stiff enough for you to make a foot, presumably trimming on the wheel?

  3. Andrew Mitchell

    You are a wonderful teacher as well as a potter. What a wonderful way to show your throwing technique as well as your hand-building skill. I have made my first one and it looks great.  This is one of the best techniques I have watched as it uses the pieces from the bowl which makes everything fit together perfectly. Thanks from Carole from Australia.

  4. Christina Warren

    The last time I did Clay was in high school but loved it! I've done hair 46 years and soon to retire and I'm getting back in to Clay. I absolutely loved your video. Very inspiring and got me very excited to start with my new venture.

  5. Eva Mari Kirkvaag

    Thank you SO much for this awesome video! I have dreamed of pottery ever since my clay classes at school when I was a teenager. Finally I am revisiting the wonderful world of ceramics with courses. 🙂 This was so inspiring! I'm a sealover and fully get your love of boats and their shapes! In Norway we have the viking ships in a special museum and they are a thing of great beauty indeed.

  6. clayphoenix

    Thank you for sharing, the shapes are lovely.  I am curious about your clay body. Is it white stoneware or porcelain?  I would imagine that porcelain would be hard to use with this technique due to cracking?

  7. Tari Huffaker

    Oh my!!  What an inspiration you are!!!  Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful technique.  You are so patient with the clay. And you explain things so well.  Thank you, thank you 😀

  8. Kathie Leonardow

    these are adorably beautiful. I cant wait to try it… you did such a nice job of showing and explaining. thank you…   🙂


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