Perdue AgriBusiness Grain Specialty Products – High Erucic Acid Rapeseed (HEAR)

North Carolina has a long and proud farming heritage many of you have been farming here successfully for generations a new crop opportunity is being introduced to this region that is well suited for your climate will actually enhance your current crop rotation program is frost and drought tolerant and helps control tough weeds that crop is high uric acid rapeseed Purdue agribusiness has joined forces with winston-salem based technology crops international which has been working with North Carolina farmers for over 10 years to develop a highly profitable low-risk rapeseed program that is already proven successful on several farms what is rapeseed well canola which many of you are probably more familiar with is actually a rapeseed this rapeseed higher rusik acid rapeseed though taps us into different marketing channels we're using this industrially it's used as a lubricant it's used in the making of things like bottle caps grocery store bags while there's no question that there are ready-made markets for rapeseed one concern we heard from farm owners is their ability to easily adapt their existing planters to make them compatible with the small seed size rapeseed is a small city crop and certainly people would have a concern there and then we were no different from other farmers there were some slight adjustments we had to make we use a john deere cedar and we did have to buy some a few parts to lower the seeding rate to those low rates but that did not turn out to be a problem we looked at our factory recommendations on our planner and we just went by those recommendations and were able to really do a good job planting with a grain drill one of our concerns with planting this crop was the size of the seed and how small it was what we did we'd pull a seed tube off and put a plastic baggie on it and pull it about 50 foot and collect the number of seeds and we'd actually count our seeds and once we counted them to establish how many we would have per acre we just round it off and what we actually did is put enough seed in there to plant 10 acres and we went out there and planted that ten acres before we got to the 10 acres realize we were gonna be a little bit short so we knew we were planting too much and went back and went through the process again and and I readjusted everything cut back and we were able to get it down I think we're averaging about 2.9 pound an acre so it it ended up working out pretty close we opted to go with John Deere 17 20 nice words planners started out in it on foot pound and ended up back at the five pounds but we finally after playing with it playing with it we ended up getting pretty close right on the money two three pounds he ended up working good we did pretty good we seeded three pounds to the acre of the seed and we follow it through to harvest if you run your compound right underneath the seed pods it looks like a lot going through the machine but we've harvested already and it really was easy to harvest we are using a Mac Don Draper head but we're very well satisfied with the way is harvesting rapeseed also if the rapeseed flows into the head very very smoothly it seems like a great fit for our rotational scheme canola and rapeseed are natural behind corn crop they are less in conflict with the soybean harvest than wheat because needs to be planted earlier than wheat likewise in the spring we're able to get it off just a hair earlier usually five to seven days earlier were able to get this crop off before wheat which enables us to get our double crop of soybeans and just a little bit earlier the rate was not as vulnerable to the frost because it can frost and it might kill a few of the blooms but it continues to put on more it could handle frost pretty good you can see some damage to it but it always come back it'll come back perfect wheat won't come back and make make the yield I think it's a great opportunity for weed resistant management because as you can see no we can can survive under this dense crop canopy you plant it and you almost forget it generally our wheat we have to come back with a herbicide application in the spring but the the rate just seems to just predominate anything that's in the field in the past also we had weed pressure here from pigweed at the planted soybeans so we leave at this crop also the rapeseed crop and this year we didn't need to play a herbicide on it we have no weed pressure at all yes unbelievable this species is known for its ability to penetrate hard pens it has a very tough route that is able to get below some compacted layers and can help loosen up a field that's been used for many years as a cover crop in that vein Steven Fletcher with Purdue contacted me about this crop I have a lot of trust in Purdue they're people we always get paid like we should they have a really good group of guys and we felt like that it they were parting with technology crops they must be good guys too that's why we decided to grow it one of the things also that we looked at is the delivery points and and being a partner with Purdue and the delivery points was a selling point to the customers and that they could deliver to the elevators that were owned by Purdue that we built a trust over the years so they would feel comfortable with delivering their Purdue had a sterling reputation so I really didn't see a whole lot of risk in growing the seed forum Purdue's the company that we've been dealing with on the green side of corn soybeans and wheat side for a number of years in this area and there been a very good partner we really enjoyed working with technology crops come harvest time they will buy all of your rapeseed you don't have to worry about if you have a real good crop where the 500 pounds to the acre you may get a low of price it's the same price for all pounds harvested the price under stuff when they paid almost double what wheat price was that was sort of convincing the other thing that I liked it are they offered in our contract was the act of God caused a loss of production or anything it wouldn't tie you into delivering a crop that obviously that you wouldn't have or nobody around you would have it's like any other thing you want to go with trusting people and Jeff little talked to us and he was real convincing and so far he's been truthful is it his word for do farmers about get up they would air weed him yes so far they've been real honest they have been right on top of what they said they do that's a nice fit between the two companies purdue provides convenient delivery points Crush capabilities and we try and bring the expertise of specialty crops and support for our growers and then these new high-value crops that can help further extend rotations and provide additional income to our growers here in North Carolina high uric acid rapeseed or here offers a new profitable fall growing option for farmers in North Carolina here is grown under contract made possible through a partnership with Purdue agribusiness and technology crops international that guarantees you will receive a substantial premium as compared to winter wheat all contracts are fixed price contracts your entire rapeseed crop will be purchased free act of god coverage minimizes your risk from natural disasters convenient delivery points and guaranteed secured markets with end-users for all production in this particular instance we saw the benefit of Purdue be involved involved with TCI was a company that we had a very good comfort level because of the number of years that they've operated in this area and so that give it gave us an added good feeling about getting involved with this early on TCI has been exceptionally great in working with the grower they've came out for probably five different visits at different stages of the crop that really helped me out a lot as first-time grower it just gave me all the confidence in the world they were as good of a market and a good a partner is as I could ask for these are good cutting to work we dare they back up what they say they don't leave you out hanging

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