1. Beth Fairweather

    The idea is nice but I found the tutorial distracting and hard to follow. Just seemed a little bit all over the place. I've seen other tutorials on this project that make it much simpler.

  2. bopgirl8

    Not a lot of correct info for people learning to sew which is the point of a tutorial. Dont finish edges. And why would you glue down seam allowance. Very sloppy.

  3. Tracy Brewer

    Thanks for this great video. I enjoy watching Jo she is funny and makes me laugh. Reminds me of my mum who used to iron everything including our underwear and soaks and tea towels. Hope you have her back quite often.

  4. Kiremithanem

    All those tiny details and steps ar so sooo important for a verry good looking and fitting book cover,she is sooo right great video! I agree for the edges it will be better if she made a little bit stich on each side.

  5. ThoughtfullySewn

    This really makes for a nice gift giving idea for book loving friends who will appreciate it because you've not only given thought to a book they will like but also took the time to have thoughtfully sewn a nice book cover. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Christine Bell

    Great tips. I have tried doing a fabric cover before and failed. Now I know why. Will try again with the tips suggested here. Thanks

  7. Sally Rozier

    I like the basics of how this was made. Could easily adapt to have a lining and finished edges. It is much simpler than the method I currently use so I’m definitely going to give this a go!

  8. Spyder Quilt

    I agree with the raw edges. I also think the machine is big and clunky. Can you imagine how much time is wasted pushing a button to lower the presser foot, and another push to raise it??? Lol.

  9. Chatty Penny

    Such a complete waste of time and material. She's a fantatic about ironing but doesn't worry about raw seams.
    Sadly, wasted my time on this project.

  10. Andrew J A Lee

    If the book doesn't lay flat then I don't see the point in fabric book covers. All your doing then is hurting the spine's longevity.

  11. Livinnpjs

    Would NEVER be able to be able to leave the unfinished seam inside. It would have been so easy to hem those before starting the cover .


    Thank you for your tutorial, I made my book covers, the 1st one was not so good, the 2nd one was perfect.  Thank you so much.
    Sheron Enslin SA

  13. ZinaD

    How do you recommend making a book cover for those small ones where the spine doesn't bend all the way back? Like a small paperback prayer book. Thank you.


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