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Pet Spider Tips for Chaco Golden Knee Tarantula : Essential Facts About Pet Chaco Tarantula

Tarantulas are found throughout the tropics,
in the new world and the old world and they are found in a variety of habitats. A lot
of tarantulas prefer to burrow in the ground and in these burrows they line them with their
silk. The silk keeps the dirt from caving in on them. Also outside these borrows, some
tarantulas create a tripline, so when a prey item such as an insect walks across a burrow,
it hits the tripline, triggers the tarantula to come out of the burrow and grab it’s prey.
Some tarantulas are also arborial, meaning that they are found in the trees. Tarantulas
of all species are excellent climbers. And what makes them excellent climbers and what
seperates them from other spider species is that on the tips of their legs they have tiny
little hooks. As you can see here, she is hooked onto my hand and she can hang vertically
right off my hand. Also, tarantulas, what separates them from other spiders is that
they are covered with all this hair. Now this hair is not like hair on humans. Each one
of these hairs is connected to a special little nerve cell, which also gives a tarantula a
sense of what’s around it. The biggest predator of tarantulas is a wasp called a tarantula
hawk wasp and when the hawk wasp flies in, it pushes a lot of air and the air will hit
the tarantula these little nerve cells telling the tarantula that there is a major predator
around and that he or she better get out of there quick. Tarantula hawks will grab a tarantula
and sting it and paralyze it, but not kill the tarantula, instead, that wasp will drag
the tarantula on the ground to a pre-made or already dug burrow where she will put the
spider into the burrow and lay an egg on it. Then she’ll bury the spider. Now, the spider,
believe it or not, is still alive through this entire process. The egg will hatch out
and the tiny wasp larvae will actually start feasting on the spider while the spider is
still alive. Now, eventually, that wasp larvae will pupate and turn into another tarantula


  1. That Guy Author

    Man I actually WANT my tarantula to die lol, I've had him for like 16+ years lol n hes a bit older than that.
    Anyway it probably died from shock.

  2. wiltgen86 Author

    @laran224 No you dont have to take out the venom to have them as pets, if you take the venom glands out it will kill it. Most turantula venom is not leathel to humans, its just like getting a bee sting but more painfull. I been bit a few times and never had to go to the hospital.

  3. nataliespazamadee Author

    awww poor tarantula! i heard that it's also able to flick the hairs on its body at predators as well?? also heard that dogs and cats can inhale the miniscule hairs and cause serious injury? i dunno if it's true but i just heard that you gotta be careful with the hairs as well cos they can get in your eye and cause a crap load of pain as well

  4. jess Author

    @nataliespazamadee Those uriticating hairs are comparable to fiberglass when it touches your skin. There has been cases of people needing eye surgery after getting those hairs in their eyes. And finally, only new world tarantulas flick hairs. Old worlds don't and resume to fleeing or biting when threatened 😉

  5. Zx_PhantomWolf_xZ Author

    if there was a tarantula on me i would take my bb gun and shoot it off if it comes back to attack then ill keep on shooting it (I don't like spiders they look weird and some are dangerous)

  6. Deep Tone Author

    @Yey its easy just think of them as ornamental pets instead of pets for playing with and you cant go wrong, u will figure most of it out as you go along.

  7. Deep Tone Author

    @nataliespazamadee your right the hairs are also a form of attack if a mouse enter the spiders burrow that is too large for it to take down they will kick their hairs to try to get the mouse to inhale them, if something small like a mouse or rat inhales the hairs it fills it air ways with muccus effectively drowning the mouse/rat in its own fluids. the hairs can cause serious reactions with humans too though varying from itching for a day up to 2 weeks or even dermatitus.

  8. Deep Tone Author

    @lolley1100 No its not a lie you tool, if you get bitten you must of put yourself in a possition where you could get bitten if you use sensible equipment eg. tubs and foreseps then you eliminate the risk of getting bitten if you yourself are sensible. If you speak to most big collectors or breeders most have not been bitten and the ones that have will tell you it was their fault due to not paying attention. There is never any need for you to put your hands near your tarantula if your prepared.

  9. The Solitary Outdoorsman Author

    @lolley1100 That's kinda silly man, a little care goes a long way. If you get bit it's your own fault. I have a red imported fire ant colony and have never been stung. All of the times there has been a risk of being stung, was due to me taking risks. If you play it safe, there is no reason you will ever be bit/stung/what-have-you.

  10. Deep Tone Author

    @lolley1100 the reason you see 0 vids is because I dont have a camera and I dont really feel the need to make a video myself. Your pretty narrow minded why do you find it so hard to believe someone could own so many tarantulas? I used to work for a tarantula website and have bred over 20 different species, if I hadnt sold most of the spiderlings I would have well over 1000 by now. grow up and accept you are talking to someone who knows alot more about tarantulas than you.

  11. Deep Tone Author

    @lolley1100 lol I aint watching these vids to find out how to care for tarantulas, I find it funny seeing what so called expert village have to say about the matter and how many fuck ups they can put in one video, also to correct people like you so that others dont take what you say a being right and fuck up their own pets. you could try to convince someone you have 400 T's even if you dont, but if you did sooner or later your inexperience would show with one of ur replies.

  12. Deep Tone Author

    @lolley1100 HAHAHA you have pretty much accepted it was your fault you got bitten by sayin I was inexperienced and got bitten on behalf of my carelessness = your fault. and if you had a brain about you you would of realised I am from ENgland you dont need a permit, you dont have to be 25 and you can keep as many as you like that is why I have my spare bedroom as a spider room. I still dont get why you find it so hard to believe I breed T's lol I got 800 eggs from a N. Chromatus so 400 isnt a lot

  13. Deep Tone Author

    @lolley1100 thats rich calling me a juckass in your second reply you didnt even realise who you were responding to you illiterate fool. n what the fuck are you on about celebs and diamond merk for? thats on a completely different level. If you find it so hard to believe that someone has a hobby then I feel sorry for you. maybe you should do abit more searching on here and maybe you would find there are quite a few people on here who have more than me. like I said i got 800 from one eggsack!!!

  14. Deep Tone Author

    @lolley1100 thats rich calling me a jackass in your second reply you didnt even realise who you were responding to you illiterate fool. n what the fuck are you on about celebs and diamond merk for? thats on a completely different level. If you find it so hard to believe that someone has a hobby then I feel sorry for you. maybe you should do abit more searching on here and maybe you would find there are quite a few people on here who have more than me. like I said i got 800 from one eggsack!!!

  15. Deep Tone Author

    @lolley1100 you couldnt be further from the truth you idiot at first you said it wasnt your fault n then you said it was without even realising it n now your saying I didnt understand what you were saying and kept changing my story? lol I havent changed a single thing in what I had said n if I repeated myslef its because Im tellin the truth you fool like I said I feel sorry for you if your life is that meaningless you think someone would actually lie about their hobby being their pets lol…

  16. Deep Tone Author

    @lolley1100 have you never seen a tarantula room or an egg sack? 400 is an easilly achievable number off just one or two egg sack lol I never said I have 400 different species just over 400 T's which concidering I have bred over 20 different species isnt a lot to be left with. grow up and open your eyes, lol do you just think that there are people growing just one T to put in a pet shop and sell to you? no they come from people like me you fool.

  17. Matthew Nguyen Author

    Me: wow man thats a big spider
    Man: thanks. But i didnt feed him yet
    Me: well what are you gonna feed him?
    Man: *cocks a shotgun* the next one who moves!

  18. Trafalgar D. Law Author

    the venom will most likely not kill you as long as your not allergic to it. The fangs sinking into your skin will heart pretty badly and the venom of most of the tarantulas will make it hurt alot more but it will not kill you

  19. pumpkin28ful Author

    would you reccomend getting one because i have a rose haired but i want another type so i heard these will not bite soo im thinking of getting this becuase theyre cool to and my rose haired never bit or flicked hairs at me i want to know if this one will almost as cool ?not a big deal the hair flicking but if it bites im not interested so someone please let me know ??

  20. MixN'Mash Author

    oh shoot, sorry i didn't see the last part of your comment, baboon tarantulas are the most aggressive of it's kind, itll bite you for no reason at all (My friend has one and he just tried to replace the water dish and it jumped and almost bit him). BUT they are the most beautiful of tarantulas. if you want non aggresive,and a cool one, get a chilean rose tarantula

  21. Mike MONEY Author

    im not trying to sound cocky but i have quick reactions so if my turantula bit me would it try to stay on or just be a snap i dont want to kill it just i might not be able to not yank back and potentilty fling it

  22. bram colenbrander Author

    just let it bite you.
    always be prepared to get bit if you do handling.
    if you get bit its no problem at all (depending on the species though)
    it will hurt a bit with New world T's and it will hurt alot more with old world T's but be prepared thats all you can do 😉

  23. Brian King Author

    That's a great first tarantula. Very mellow and handle-able but also very nice looking. It's like a Rose Hair in its temperament but more attractive. Very large tarantula as well. Hope that helps?

  24. Pantelis GreekProfessional Author

    Read the description. At his Bio it says "He have". Nice grammar for a 2,5 million subscriber channel. And yes, I know this video is 6 years old but english hasn't changed since then…

  25. Danny Green Author

    @allenevangelista Or not any sort of pet store, a pet store that sells reptiles are most likely to sell tarantulas, I found one today that was a decent sized female

  26. Susan Olson Author

    i am very sad today. i have 12 tarantula's 50 molts i raised a chaco golden knee from a sling to 4 inches. it went into molt. made it a little way thru than died. if anyone has any info as to what might of happened i would appreciate some feed back. thanx Barry

  27. Proud American Author

    WTF? Ihate it whe n UTubers . Make a specific video, an BEARLY give ANY info on the topic. He should delete this video, and do it proper. Seeing how old it is the creator is obviously lazy, and doesn't care about QUALITY. ONLY 22 DISLIKES??? No wonder it was never re done. Instead of receiving BADLY NEEDED CRITICISM. Awhole bunch of dolt's decided to blindly like, and support a video in desperate need of a re do. Damn, this kinda shit triggers the crap out of me. Try useing some specific information on the listed species,and dont include anything about shit thats not in the title.


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