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Photoshop Tutorial Tips: Shadows/Highlights, Perspective Crop, PNGs

Hi. This is Marty from Blue Lightning TV. For those of you who are first learning
Photoshop, I’m going to show you a couple of quick tips that are often overlooked and then later,
I’ll show you how to save an image without its background. The first tip
will show you how to brighten dark areas of your photos without washing out their lighter areas.
I’ll make a copy of the photo, so we can use the original
to compare the results against. I’ll press Ctrl + J on Windows
or Cmd + J on a Mac to make the copy. Go to Image, Adjustments and Shadows/Highlights. The Shadows/Highlights panel will open.
By moving the amount sliders or entering values in the percentage boxes,
you can lighten shadows and darken highlights independently of
each other. Make sure the Preview option is selected in the Dialog box if you want the image to be updated as
you make the adjustments. I rarely open the other options,
since my main concerns are to brighten the shadows and finesse
the highlights. Placing the shadow slider at zero reverts the image to its original state.
As I slide the amounts back and forth you can see how the shadows
and the highlights are effected and do so independently of each other.
Keep in mind, every photo has its unique
characteristics, so the amounts you set for its shadows and highlights are specific to that photo. For this photo, I’ll set the shadows and highlights
both at 56%. Once you set the amounts,
click OK or press Enter or Return. As I toggle back and forth, you can see
how this feature enhances the details
in both the shadows and highlights. For the next tip, if you have version CS5 or later, I’ll show you how to quickly
straighten an image in a photo that contains “keystone” distortion.
If you’re working on CS6 or later,
open your “Perspective Crop Tool”. If you’re working on CS5,
open your Crop Tool and check the “Perspective” box. Drag a rectangle over the general area that you want to put into
perspective and ultimately crop. Align each corner of the crop boundary with the corners of the image. When the corners at the Perspective Crop Tool are aligned to the corners of your image,
simply click the arrow key at the top to instantly crop your image
in perspective. I’ve been asked by many people how to
save an image without its background, so I’ll show you how to do it in it in
last tip. Let’s say we want to save this logo without its background and without its
soft outerglow and drop shadow. I’ll open the effects and click off the eyeballs of the effects I don’t want. Lastly, and most importantly, I’ll hide the background. We should see
just the image you want to save. Notice the background is a pattern of
grey and white boxes, which indicates that it’s empty.
The next step is to trim our image, so go to Image and Trim. I’ll trim it based on the top, left pixel color, but frankly, I found it doesn’t matter
which option you choose as long as the “Trim Away” corners are
checked. Once you click OK or press Enter or Return,
your images crop to its edges, thereby saving space and file size.
To save it, .go to File and Save As. Name the file and save it as a PNG
also known as a “Ping” file. Then, click Save.
When the PNG option window appears, I generally choose “None” for Compression
and “None” for Interlace. For Compression, older versions of
Photoshop use “Smallest/Slow”, but for recent versions, just click “None”. Interlacing makes download time seem
shorter, but it also increases file size. Click OK to save it.
If you open your PNG image, you’ll see that it exists on a
transparent background and it’ll retain any and all transparencies
within your image. This is Marty from Blue Lightning TV.
Thanks for watching!


  1. pamarthi venkatesh Author

    sir, thanks for the tutorials, these are very good easy to learn. i have request please make a tutorial on indian wedding albums. 

  2. Tyler Gutierrez Author

    You should be a tutorial teacher. Never have I seen anyone demonstrate the abilities of a program as good as you have and also giving educated side notes. Great video as always.

  3. Casinos in Jamaica Author

    superb as always. Would it be possible for all your Quick Tips to be made into aplaylist for ease of access? Plus more of them, they are great – I save lots as png but never knew about the Trim function!

  4. Wicked Mouse Author

    I love to use "Safe for web" instead of "Safe as…". I have more options available to make adjustments to the JPG, GIF or PNG files 🙂


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