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[PhotoshopAprenda mais sobre a Crop Tool| Pedro Jordan

Hey whats up? Crop tool is the fastest way to cut,
or increase the area of ​​an image. To begin, select the Crop tool. I click here with the right mouse button,
and choose Reset Tool this option. Desmarco this option to Delete Cropped Pixels. In this option there is the possibility of cutting
with measures. But I’ll leave with a known measure, this
field’ll let 3cm 4cm and here, and now I position the image.
and accepted here in commit With this, I will make another application
for the Crop Tool, first click on Clear, and now I click on this option, establish
a part of the image, safe and drag on the other party, so the image is straightened,
and click on commit to accept. As I used the crop tool with this option
unchecked, can now increase this area and then restore the original image. This image has been cropped the video on
QuickMask. and I will now use the crop tool, click
on the image. and here in this option, there are some bars
to guide you how to cut the image. grid
Diagonal, is very good for center as well as the Triangle
Golden Ratio But my favorite is Golden Spiral, or proportion
Aurea. I leave it at this point, and now fit the face
the hall in the center of the spiral. then that’s it
I hope that you enjoyed. Help me to share my sharing channel
the videos And until the next video.

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