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PickApp – The Intelligent Farming System

Old MacDonald had a headache, not so long ago. For on his farm he had a team, not all work was pro. Quality suffered here, productivity slowed there, here’s a snag, there’s some too, wonder what he can do. Old MacDonald had a headache, but now he’s in the know. Introducing PickApp – Intelligent Farming System. PickApp is a smart and simple system for management and control of farming. It follows the output of the farm workers in real-time and also measures the quality of their work. Pickapp is based on an easy-to-use smartphone app that scans stickers with barcodes, which are attached to crates of produce. Assimilation and operation of the system is very easy and quick to use by the workers. Quality control mode allows scanning of each crate of produce. It provides the farmer with information on who picked each specific box, when and where the produce was picked, therefore allows the ability to locate and prevent repeating quality problems. The information from each scan is transferred immediately from the field to a sophisticated internet portal where all the farming activities may be tracked and associated with individual workers and/or teams. The presentation of data in tables and graphs provides the farm manager a complete and actual picture of the farm activities. Location barcodes enables the ability to assign a location to each agrotechnical operation. Displaying location info using smart maps allows tracking the progress of work and computing the ratio of produce to area. The system is already successfully operational in many farms and several types of crops. PickApp your productivity, improve your quality!

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