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Piers Morgan wakes up to ‘discomforting’ evacuation alerts as bushfires ravage affluent neighbourhoo

 Piers Morgan went on holiday to his luxurious mansion in Los Angeles, only to be caught up in the California wildfires  The Good Morning Britain host woke up to a few ‘discomforting’ evacuation alerts, warning him the fires were less than three miles away  He had to prepare to evacuate his £4.2 million mansion as the bush fires were edging closer  Sharing the messages on his social media, he said: ‘Yikes. Rather discomforting msgs to wake up to the Getty museum is just 3 miles away.  ‘These fires are horrific, hard to explain to people back home how big and savage they get here in California, and how fast the changing winds can take them in completely different directions ’  The bush fire is threatening some of the most affluent neighbourhoods in Los Angeles  The cause of the fire is not yet known but it broke out near the Getty Center at around 2am (local time) and has been spreading to the south and west  Fans of Piers were shared their concern on Instagram and Twitter.  One user commented: ‘Terrible News Couldn’t they have some sort of preventative irrigation in place, using sea water? On a smaller scale gardens have timed-water supply Just a thought… Stay safe.’  Another fan commented: ‘Come home then …. our country needs you ’  Meanwhile, some viewers of GMB were concerned about Piers suddenly taking time off following the petition to get him fired  Adil – who replaced Piers on 28 October’s show – hosted alongside Susanna Reid, which made fans of Piers worried – given the petition launched to have him sacked from the morning programme  If they had been watching a couple of weeks ago, they would know that the presenter is simply taking some time off and will be back behind the GMB desk in November  Venting their frustration on Twitter, one comment read: ‘It’s Monday 06:00 and I just turned on @GMB expectantly… where are you?? How much vacation time does one man need?! I refuse to watch the show until you’re back ’  One viewer, also missing showbiz correspondent Richard Arnold, tweeted: ‘Up nice and early for #gmb and piers and richard still lying on a beach somewhere #gutted ’  Another complained Monday’s line-up was ‘over talking’, writing in a tweet: ‘Wheres old piers and charlotte then least there talking and not over talking to much [sic] ’

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