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Pig Farming VR Experience: See inside a real pig barn

[Musc] Hi! I’m Maddie Hokanson, a pig farmer from Minnesota. Today we’re going to be touring three pig farms. Each one specializes in a different area of pig farming. As you can see, my hair is still a little bit wet. That’s because we have to shower in and out of our pig barns when we go to them. These sows around us, and the pigs we want to make sure are staying healthy. And that biosecurity measure makes sure that any diseases we have on us don’t get to the pig barn to get them sick. Pig farmers work hard every single day to take the best care that we can of our pigs. That means checking on them and evaluating them multiple times a day. And we also work hard with our veterinarians to provide the best care with health and wellness that we can to make sure we always have healthy pigs. So come on in, let’s take a look around! [Music} In the farrowing barn, each sow will produce about 12 piglets on average. Now these little piglets will weight between 2 and 3 pounds when they’re born. Or about as much as a bag of apples. They also were able to walk about from the time they’re born. [Pig squeal] As you can also see, these sows, the mamas, they’re pretty big. They weigh between 400 and 500 pounds. That means that if she were to lay down too quickly without the piglets knowing about it, she could squish one of them. That’s why she has her own individual space in the stall. She’s able to lay down and be nice and cool. And the piglets have space around her to move around as they please. They have a nice heat lamp to stay warm and they also have unlimited access to milk. And boy can they eat. About once an hour on average. Now with all that milk that they need to provide the nutrients That sow needs to go and eat a lot. And that’s why she has an individual feeder in front of her that has unlimited access to feed all the time After about 3 weeks, the piglets will get weaned off their mom, off the sow and they’ll move on to their next barn, which is called the nursery. Let’s head there now! [Music] When the pigs are about 3 weeks old, they’ll arrive here at the nursery This is where they’re going to stay for the next 5 weeks of their life. When they get here, they weigh between 15 and 20 pounds. Which is about as much as a bowling ball Now the temperature is also going to be set at nearly 90 degrees Which seems pretty high, but it’ll continue to gradually go down as they get a little big bigger and a little bit older Keeping them the most comfortable they can be all the way through their life The nursery is an all you can eat buffet WIth these feeders being full at all times of the day Hi, little guy! Typically, they’re going to eat ground corn, soybean meal and essential vitamins and minerals that are all necessary for a balanced diet This is going to keep them growing and healthy during their full time at the nursery Now you can see up here in the ceiling There’s this tube that’s coming from outside where the bins are that store the feed Now the feed comes in through these tubes, drops down into the feeder to make sure that they truly do have feed at any time of the day Then you can see over here, they also have unlimited access to water to wash down all that feed as they eat it too Now when these guys get a few weeks older, they’re about 8 weeks old then it’s off to the next barn, where they’re going to grow to their end market weight Let’s head over there now [Music] Today’s pig barns are high tech with computer systems that run everything from feed and water delivery, to total farm security Welcome to the finishing barn This is where these pigs will spend the next 4 months of their life eating and growing to their full market weight At this point, they’re 8 weeks old and weight between 60 and 80 pounds As you can see on either side, these pens are plenty spacious giving them room to roam around as they please Now pigs can’t sweat, so when it gets really hot in the summer we keep them cool with misters in the barns And then when it gets really cold in the winter we keep them warm and cozy with heaters These pigs spend their days eating and drinking from the feeders and waterers that are available to them and then after these 4 months are up in the barn they’ll go to market weighing around 280 pounds [Music] As you’ve seen, each pig barn is different and is perfectly tailored to meet the needs of the pigs at each stage of their life Pig farmers want you to remember that a 3 oz serving of pork is an excellent source of protein, B vitamins and other essential vitamins and minerals I hope you’ve enjoyed the tour today and learned a little bit about how pig farmers work hard every day to provide the best care for their animals in order to produce nutritious and sustainable pork products for their families and yours [Music]

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