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on today's episode from small-scale hobbyists now to a booming industry explore the dynamic industry of pigeon racing in the Philippines learn the how-tos in achieving the best pigeon loft you ever have alameen quando am a secret to dieto heads up ela bus phnom penh hammock and angle Agha Thailand Athena and world game fowl and pigeon Expo 2014 on energy formula Paris a pneumophila potty adding al-amin Kazama on both legs this portion is brought to you by attack excellence jana magaling since then pigeons are part of the Filipino culture la pajarera man semana Fiesta Obie Liholiho Petula we unpack lucky non-industry on ito let's get to know more of this booming industry pigeons are raised in the Philippines as a hobby it helps promote sportsmanship with its cofán Sears but the Omaha battalion ina bibigon animal in Berlin ha ha ha ha ha smokin Dominic xalapa Johanna Matmos Manila it dated long time ago during the biblical times with Noah and its heart and during the world war two pigeons were used to send messages to various troops that carried notes and capsules around their legs back home degenerating started after the war when the Americans came here during the workday but a lot of pigeons racing heaters here and after the war some punches were able to get some beating stuff from the Americans and that very started from a simple message delivery before it has now turned into a booming industry because of its low maintenance and cheaper way of racing it what it last five years I start doing drawing very much that's doubled up since the last five years low maintenance and more cheaper to keep racing event and game pong racing pigeon you can even have as much attention to how to the rooftop which but with your anything haebang say yeah unlike the do not non pigeon racing similar fan sheers Luke Woodson avatar tangled Oh II do not stress it becomes a source of happiness for them as a human Oh yum yum Casilla and shot of Aladdin and fell apart a moussaka in Villa kitumba's an atelier engine especially during the race pneumatic heat I mean we don't even know having from a Perry at the globe and no you know Napa CA shocking even a dionan a local on with some we keep on coming say an apple a pigeon racing a Callaghan I love pigeon racing I see – you finna massara LaRoque Segundo I gonna indeed that guy Tino so grand so grand it also protects i-beam cassava and Petula in Impala Gordon pigeon racing industry a young development Danny but even system namitha to too long Zapata ovulate no result as a Carrera namaha allopathy non veto and Bhagawan Amanda Clarke sticker or SMS system at electronic lob system Vinnie Nealon alone we have seen van deglass para comer must see peony know the most reliable kerryevelyn pigeon racing say Europe and poor in London without Yunnan plaque system Oh Gilligan nila Andina messiah no tienen philosophies Kasumi in engineering counter mark eager pants masala – Nikita so Tiger no man since unconcerned happens to Mulan some anomaly did not labs of Molina Mandela row dynamic not a new technology known cell phone or non SMS opening ma ma production us Ulta or Maha paga sencilla Nandita das assist a Manhattan baby Sabine pesalam Palma Maggie Tannen cellphone nagoba un pocket our Erin oh my god electronic timer honey so what are we go lacunae even having apple cinnamon electronic shipping at practicing tying back W Sheila at Accenture citizen electronic welcoming automatically orders ready Stella but I buy mine an sistema ISA Lala nice Natoma solution on a Tito am I was an under ants a Carrera Milan burger you need to nominate Osama hands Monica a Laguna kalibata casi una Mei was a nothing in Donny Osmond allah wa ni'ma monitor not in young getting young even continue Mahalo panatela Valen Valen a wasn't pandaria so molecule body Annette O'Toole Unidos solar una nom nom pigeon racing makuhita in Sepik laguna industria meto unpack da minima clubs a timonium Brunetto Napa – Louie am pocket our era not allopathic I say at least there are around hundred fifty clubs now in Philippines that are engaged in breaking in au nom nom mmm Shi sha Adeline and na kahit na minha maraming maraming maja a healing in Soraka kala patina gumbo gusano hindi chaya Melina Maha bandha clock donkey not going on PFC talaga is in happened and todo todo law school Chaya telegin peanut Ramagundam panel he release gagawin opinion Oh dah in de la unión ni Ichi peanut Indian driver Chaka Khan boy oh nothing Shelia nigga I know so Kayla not in Deena Kayla Annie whether maganda but a safety lot attempt on Carrera not in st. it in a break from pigeon racing or fancy pigeons different organizations conduct shows that present the beauty of their pigeons we have a regular show competition of pigeons these are these are called fancy pigeons we group them in different breeds posting at Judson according to their own groups back and on this is basically bragging ton of feathers and posing added incentive Somali captain Allah talking the reason embody taco lagalag1 is because it's a trabajan a stressful you eat banana BBB serve in a relaxation selective breeding is the most important key in achieving beautiful results for your pigeons as leaders we choose the proper cat and the hen Paulino modeling Mayo maganda Omaha and then we breathe them together to produce a certain standard that we want to show passion is what keeps these fanciers enthusiastic on fancy pigeons forget the the possible income that some of the breeders are thought of doing about we gotta do it's up it's about far short it's about keeping the birds for the sake of keeping it and not for the sake of selling them part of the growing industry are the challenges that it has to face on Pedulla Enomoto TuneIn anybody bang techniques in pigeon racing and overcoming the threat of lambeth up north in Bulacan palestine alone Ian their products nets to capture the homing pigeons we have formed a federation to handle this problem since pigeon racing started in the Philippines fan shears and different clubs continue to increase because of the happiness and the excitement that it gives to its players advancements in systems continue to develop in the hope of increasing the standard of pigeon racing in the country Kindle Anita Llorona my uyama but it is an open sport to those who want to relieve their stress and develop sportsmanship with one another this portion was brought to you by taboc excellence Jana Magali sibling our Salamanca cerita nampyk patina Sababa is a filo para sabe lo Haga a pataga cherita para nama saya heel Sakura do ba boy I pizzicato one possible sugarr a big fruit inna I some feed for their sickness in the growler Manomet a standard a love you Tina ah Pagano film is shot in Mahalo Gandhi appeal ahead Nick Regina SWAT no swaps – mala issues of adrenaline abhi I can have in some olive tree female beep Athena needs another one the exact solution gas up next Malala mana our tips and tricks on how to take good care of your pigeons satu luna nissan pigeon hobbyist the most anticipated game Faolain pigeon expo this 2014 cabal han hindi na ma here upon hapana Delhi and Acosta novella fatty satin yang carrera de el nante tuna on vogue legs you


  1. pigeon2515

    Sir day po !mtgsl n po ako ngaalaga ng klpti hangng mpnood KO ung video s YouTube.ask KO LNG po sn kung pno p member s club at pwede po b isla ung klpti n wlng leg band.tnk u po..mico tags mexico pampanga.pls..response po..

  2. Roland Drios

    Saludo tlaga ako sa bumoboo ng PHA…sana tumagal palalo ang group nato at sana dumami pa ang mag alaga ng racing pigeons……at sana maging esperasyon ng iba png group…

  3. Piedras Platas

    The best talaga ang kalapati. kalapati sa umaga, tanghali at gabi..haha..nakaka-adik no? pero the best ang mga kalapati ko dito sa bicol (Daraga, Albay). uragon! more powers sa lahat ng pigeon lovers! 

  4. Liam Kislyak

    Excuse my ignorance, but what language is the narrator speaking ?(other than English) I'm guessing Tagalog but I could be completely wrong.

  5. Ralph Cruz

    for me mas ok mag kalapati kasi kesa sa manok yung  manok namamatay sa laban di tulad ng kalapati hindi nakakaawa din yung manok 🙁 may buhay pa rin yan 🙁


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