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Plant of the Moment – Daffodils | Hampton Court Palace Gardens

[Music] Morning we’re here at the wilderness at
Hampton Court Palace one of Henry the VIII’s magical areas as you can see
because we’ve got loads and loads of the daffodil bulbs out in flower. This used
to be his orchards where he was growing fruit trees etc back in the day but now
what the supervisors have turned it into is this magical sort of area where we’ve
got loads and loads of daffodil bulbs out in flower in their drifts so it’s a
naturalized way of planting them which is in the grass. There’s this massive
colour. Yellows, creams, oranges, white’s this sort of fanfare over the next two
or three weeks. What I want you to do is just come into the wilderness and just
take you through a little bit of a journey to show you these different
types of flower heads that the Narcissus, the daffodils have they’re magnificent
they’re wonderful but I wanted to explain to you that what we’ve got
actually is the same form. We’ve got a petal all the way around the outside of
the flower. We’ve got this trumpet which is known as the corolla and then inside
are the naughty bits but believe it or not this one here which is a double is
comprised of exactly the same parts but look at the two of them they’re
wonderful absolutely amazing we’ve got loads and loads and loads to see. For me
the wilderness is full of wonderment at this time of year what with the
daffodils coming out spring is on the way and the lovely
thing with that is it shows that soon it’s going to be summer where the days
are going to be longer the weather’s going to be hotter and there’s even more
flowers for you to come and see here at Hampton Court Palace [Music]


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