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PoE Jeweller’s Orb Farming & Recipe Guide

Path of Exile Jeweller’s Orb Farming Guide. Jeweller’s Orb rerolls the number of sockets
on an item. It can apply on unique items as well. The item level and the type of item can influence
the maximum number of sockets. The item’s quality increases the chances of
obtaining more sockets. The chance of getting 4 sockets is 10%. In order to get 6 sockets, you can use 350
Jeweller’s Orbs in crafting bench. This is the maximum number of sockets by item
level. Two-handed weapons and body armours can have
up to 6 sockets. If you need farming lots of Jeweller’s Orbs,
picking up every 6 sockets item and sell to any vendor. This recipe can help you farming Jeweller’s
Orb and I recommended. This is a downgrade recipe for Jeweller’s
Orb and not recommended. You can farm Jeweller’s Orb by slain monsters,
destroy chests, and open strongboxes. Killing more enemies, you have the chance
to farm more currency items. Yeena lives in Act 2, sells 1 Jeweller’s Orb
in exchange for 2 Orbs of Alteration. The vendor also sells an Orb of Fusing for
4 Jeweller’s Orbs, a Chromatic Orb for 3 Jeweller’s Orbs, and other PoE currency items. You can exchange PoE currency to Jeweller’s
Orbs with other players. Jeweller’s Orb to Chaos Orb Ratio: 6:1
Jeweller’s Orb to Fusing Orb Ratio: 4:1 You can also buy Jeweller’s Orb from below. Thank you for subscribing to my channel.

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