Poor Guy Needs All the Help He Can Get!

you're gonna be just a power washing no probably not I'm gonna clean some work out hmm so you expected me to do all work cuz I'm not best seeing I did well I don't expect you to clean the cabins good point you do the laundry woman well what's up guys this is Daniel from arms family homestead and here we are back Rocky Point cabins that my brother-in-law dusty and his wife Marisa bought and they're working to get going it is up open and functional we tried to do a live stream out here the other day the live stream just wouldn't work I I wasn't planning on making a whole video about this but the live stream wouldn't work and everybody said we couldn't understand you the audio was off and all that so we're just going to shoot a regular video so we rocker point cabins they just bought this place it's on Cooper memorial here in Sulphur Oklahoma there's 10 cabins look at there my wife's helping do laundry you're such a nice person I am everybody's got to take care of dusty so this is the same dusty Baker that's got Cross Timbers bison her brother the Cross Timbers bison YouTube channel and all that so they're just kind of branching out trying to find another avenue to make another little side income and I'm not gonna say this is a side income cuz this is a big project this is a big thing and we kind of live in a tourist area and there's a lot of people pass through so they got 10 cabins the office right here behind us and a house so if you caught all the livestream the other day you kind of caught a little bit of that but I know it was all jacked up messed up but I came out here the other day and dusty was power washing this office with a little small like I don't know 1200 psi electric power washer and I thought this wasn't gonna work dusty so I went home and got my my 2000 psi Generac pressure washer and their if they're using it now but I said I got to thinking some in you got foot ten cabins office in a house that all need to be cleaned and updated and just a little facelift cuz power washing them makes them look a lot better well I grew up watching home improvement yeah some of you my age may remember home improvement with Tim Allen and he all his big thing was more power we need more power more power so writing lawn mower with a jet engine office helicopter so I made a phone call to John over at GP rinsing Davis watch out I got a tree here hang on and I said John do you have a big power washer he said I got you come get this thing so this is a it's got a Honda motor on it but it's called a shark but it's heated so this thing will heat water you can hook it directly to a water hose or you can use the tank I'm not sure how many psi this thing is my little pressure washer I'll show it to you in a minute is like 2022 hundred psi this thing this this will take the wood off the walls if you're not careful so we're going to help dusty out get some work done make these cabins look better but as we've said in the live stream it is open the place is open and functional I'll leave a link and or a the contact information into the description box down below if you want to come and stay in our area that's a great place to stay it'll be a cool place so let's get to work you're gonna be just a power washing no probably not I'm gonna clean some more Kevin so you expect me to do all work because I'm not best seeing I did good point you do the laundry woman hop in let me give you a ride I'll take you on the nickel tour see here's what I'm talking about you got a note dusty to understand this but it really looks like he's power washing the dead limbs laying on the ground hey dusty the cabins over there supposed to do the walls the poor guy needs all the help he can get kind of hurry up and get this on video you guys you've never seen this before no one's ever seen this before it's incredible Hey Katy's working that's huh that's the first you'll never see Katy lunch working like this I mean this look look she did a good job by that window are you cleaning the window with toilet paper so while we're here let's come on in the girls are in here cleaning this cabin clearly this is a family affair we got dusty me DJ out here and then you got Emily and Katie cleaning cabins because there were people here this weekend over fourth of July so let's just do a little tour do you want to take us on the tour all right Emily's gonna take us off here oh just this one which is where we're walk-in we're in the living room huh full-size kitchen here we got a full-size refrigerator a minutes it's limited we're talking about a small cabin though so and then here's the bathroom hmm very nice and then here is the second bit yeah sweet did you make the bed by yourself and then there's some space so as I said there's 10 cabins out here this is just one of them the floor plan is different and all of them some of them are two bedrooms some of them are one bedroom they're just all different so eventually the plan is to get a website up and going maybe stand where you guys can see me they're eventually going to have a website for Rocky Point cabins up and going that'll have pictures of every cabin so you can figure out which ones you want to come stay in and which cabin will suit your needs if you have a big family more than six I would go to Cabot eleven is Anton yeah hey shoot shoot banging you're dead this guy's never on camera alright so our mysterious teenager that no one ever sees came to me the other day he was jealous he said dad you got to give me a shout-out on Instagram I don't have enough followers because my Instagram account has like 5,000 and his head is 1600 so Weston wants you guys to go follow him on Instagram so how do they find you but put it in a link or something he doesn't know his Instagram name he's 16 oh he's 17 we'll see if we can figure out how to get you guys to his Instagram account because he doesn't know how good job I brought you a bigger toy [Applause] so kind of show you the goal here so power washing these cabins just kind of gives them a little facelift and then it enables dusty to be able to either put a little bit stain on them or a water treatment sealer so let's take a look at this cabin first it has not been cleaned yet nothing's been done to the outside of this cabin in years it's in good shape so there's nothing wrong with the siding on here it's just weathered I mean some people like that look but as you go down on the wall the board's up higher in pretty good shape as you go down you get mold and mildew and things and it just kind of looks gray and dingy now let's walk over here and look at a cabin that I pressure-washed earlier so this sides kind of shaded right now but you can see the wood just looks a lot cleaner I'm not sure where they got the lumber to build these but it's like rough cut cedar looks really good it's in really good shape but we're able to get back down to a more natural looking cedar and now he can come in here put a water treatment or a sealer or stain whatever he wants to do so these places they're not they're not huge most of them are probably I would say seven eight hundred square feet some of them are a little bit bigger most of them have a little deck off the back of it and a lots of privacy so if you rent one of these yeah there may be a cabin next to you they're not that close but they're they're really cool I know I probably said this 50 times I'm really excited about this it's not my business I'm not even making a dime off of it but I'm just excited for him because this is cool this is like one of my dreams I spotted a teenager he looks happy let's go see what he's done hey you look very dirty you just get off work or something so this shirt right here guys check it out it says rise kill eat acts 10:13 epi oh that's the new final descent outdoors t-shirt so we're a part of final ascent outdoors it's a hunting show on the pursuit channel and brad has come up with a whole new line of t-shirts oh that one's really cool I wore one the other day it said Jesus ate meat so cool go back to work come back to work I'm talking to the camera here alright learn it the other squirt huh all right so I knew there was a big difference I mean that's my pressure washer right there that I use in my house I knew you know it's a pressure washer I knew there'd be a difference in that and that I didn't think the difference would be as dramatic as it is after using that one so I clean two cabins myself that one and that one over there this morning and I got used to using that and then I come back and watch Weston my little pressure washer Wow I mean that big one that's rented from GP rinse or Great Plains Kubota is heated and it has about 50 times more pressure but just having that hot water versus just the normal cold water that comes out of mine unbelievable difference messed up on there hey let's see you get sideways in that hammock again I mean you were trying to get completely sideways well let's see it was quite funny no I'm done Houston late in it I thought I'm good you're just a smidge taller than Hairston and your butt's almost dragging the ground well maybe you should raise it up there's some more limb probably gonna break it it's like all leg there's just legs in a chair you can't even see a body really long legs break oh this will be great so I don't know who put this chair in this tree but they kind of hung it from a small limb you might want to consider getting now well that's about it for today as you can see behind us this cabin looks a ton better that pressure washer I'm telling you what that that machine right there from GP rents is amazing I thought I had a pretty good pressure washer but I was wrong when it comes to a real job and it works great my little Generac 2000 psi whatever it is works great for small projects but if you got a big project like like Dusty's got a big project right now yeah all these cabins need to be cleaned and made to look pretty again it takes a big a big tool for a big job so anyways the the cabins are open for business as we said on the live stream guys I apologize the live stream was terrible service out here just didn't work we were I was excited about it and it just didn't work but the cabins are up open and running they had they were booked out for 4th of July weekend had people there's actually still people a couple cabins rented right now the weekends are the busy time but it's Cross Timbers no it's not Cross Timbers that's the Bison that's dusty from Cross Timbers bison so this is a Rocky Ridge Rocky Point cabin golly I'll get it right eventually Rocky Point cabins it's new give me a break it's new so if somebody wanted to come here and stay in your cabins what do they need to do how do they find you well the best way is our website is not quite up yet since we just we literally just took this business over two Fridays ago and so we're working on getting a website up and once that is up you can go to Rocky Point cabins calm and you'll you'll be able to book everything from there you can pick which cabin you want you can pick your stay and however many days you want to stay so yeah that website will be up in a couple days just give us a little bit longer and we'll have everything up there for you so yep so there you go I'll put a link to the website down in the description box down below it's still under construction they're working on that but the cabins are open and ready and people are coming and going and that's a cool place I'm excited about it I know Dusty's excited about it it's kind of a it's a big deal man you bought ten cabins an office and a house all at once all once so talk about a side hustle it's gonna be a lot of work but it's cool it's a great place with if right next to the lake we're literally two miles from Arbuckle Lake about 10 miles from Turner Falls and a couple miles from the Chickasaw National Recreation Area park in town just a huge tourist area great summertime attraction so I think these cabins are in a perfect spot and I think it'll work great absolutely yeah special thanks to GP grants Great Plains Kubota guys I couldn't do a lot of stuff I'd do without them I get so much help from from GP rents and Great Plains Kubota I love their company I love what they stand for and I called them up and said hey I need a little bit of help with an extra tool and they said come get it and show everybody what it was what it'll do and that thing is awesome so anyways go show them some love if you're anywhere in the area go check out Great Plains Kubota and GP rents anyways guys that's all I've got for today thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed it y'all have a great day and as always we'll see on the next video


  1. Keeping It Dutch

    Man this is exciting. Those cabins look awesome and I bet you can get them booked up quick for your next meet and greet๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ˜

  2. sinclairpages - Lochan Acres

    WOW! Such a change in Weston over the the past few years. Enjoy life with him. He will be venturing out on his own in a few years.

  3. BAnn Laughlin

    That cabin is bigger than my tiny cabin 12×30 and has more in it. Remember prices should think of all hotels in the area. Cross check all amenities. Need to make up open season schedule and cross reference to holidays, hunting, fishing, and high wedding seasons. Suggest making one cabin a "wedding suite". Don't just do You Tube, use all social medias. Family run business are coming back.
    Remind Weston to go from top to bottom: wall then floor. Just like taking a shower, avoids double work. He's doing a great job, but he's working too hard. ๐Ÿ™‚ one parent to another.
    I appreciate your goal.

  4. BAnn Laughlin

    oh oh oh- Tim Allen lol
    Sound tracks across the board You Tube & FB, due to national meeting with President Trump, all messed up. Not your doing.

  5. Katherine Ravnik

    Love your videos! Love to live vicariously through them! Great to see the togetherness & the way family was mant to help family! God bless you all!

  6. Linda Long

    We stayed there this week!!!! We stayed in Cabin 2. It was great! We spent the day floating and swimming in the Tavertine creek. It was beautiful and super family friendly. We even saw DJ at the camp site and totally fan geeked out, but we didnโ€™t say anything to her… didnโ€™t want to be too obvious we were fan geeking out :-)) Also, we enjoyed your cute town and ate at the Poor Girls Cafe, it was so good! The pancake my son got was huge, the size of decent size pizza. The waitress told my son she would give him $5 if he could eat it all, he couldnโ€™t even eat 1/2. We loved it, super good eats for sure.

  7. tod hollandsworth

    Ill watch the video but the thumbnail said s.o.s and around here that some good stuff meaning sh*t on shingles mean graving with beef chopped up on toast yummm

  8. Will79

    What a small world it is. I just subbed Cross Timbers Bison a couple weeks ago. I had no clue Dusty is a member of the Arms family. I mean you run into the Arms family everywhere you turn on YT. Haha. If I ever get to come visit Oklahoma I know now where I'd like to rent a place to stay.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

  9. Colleen Lassie

    Daniel.. ugh .. friendly criticism here ok.. :)) wanted to note that every time I see you post your oldest son, you totally degrade him and insult him on camera. Think about it, you treat strangers with more respect on camera… its a little painful to watch.. <3 You know I think you're an amazing husband and father, so please take this with kindness as it is written with kindness.. :))


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