1. clownnigga finder Author

    this commercial is down right insulting..this is when you hear ex say i hate white people..the only thing i hate more than white woman is white men..this is when you hear older sibling go i hate white people so much i had to go to counseling..I'm like what you expect growing up in trailer park trash Boston..two people who don't even get a long but there's one thing they can both agree on.. you know what i say whites can bring their ignorant ass down to Ct and jump on the bandwagon of negativity and disrespect because you can always tell who really got laughed at bullyied picked on…

  2. Richard H Author

    You don't need to use your insurance for a pothole. That's covered through the department of transportation on state roads. Just file a claim. You don't need your insurance rates going up any higher by adding claims. All State Farm is going to do is charge it back to whatever state it happened and this will look bad on your insurance as a file claimed.

  3. clownnigga finder Author

    wow interesting got a story to tell first i didn't know that the whole was going to bring their ignorant ass down to Ct and start spying on me..had a job at a storage company..my former boss was this loud fat smelly white guy..who came too work late every morning screamed at everybody and let his subordinate do his work..the same boss told everyone miserable enough to listen..that i don't listen but took out a major water pipe with a storage bin..when the fire dept showed up i asked young firefighter what you do in a situation like this he said i don't know we've never had a situation like this more water than Niagara falls..i guess he wasn't listening..same boss tore door off storage containment..but i guess when you white and been working at a place for 18 years and have your whole family working there your entitled to tons of mistakes..while you call someone else a screwup..i never the first day i wouldn't like it now i know why older sibling use to say man i hate white people..i hate white people so much i had to go to counseling for that..

  4. NYLVIA Author

    When he says you ain't nothing, an how he says it , is a line is from something a movie or a stand up comedy show something but I can't put my finger on it .
    Does anyone know where it came from ?

  5. Debbie Valentine Author

    If you knew it was there for 40 years and you hit it anyway you need stupidity insurance…just like the ppl who put their kids in a car and didn't teach them to change a tire…way to go state farm…do you sell insurance for non morons???

  6. Dale Rhode Hard Luck Cowboy Author

    I lost everything because of state farms bait and switch tactics after an uninsured drunk driver plowed into me November 2015 and my policy was supposed to cover it. Almost 3 years later I'm still fighting for a meager sum now and they still won't honor their policy.


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