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Poultry Farming Hindi ACCESS M.P

Ram Ram Byaiya Ram Ram I am Vishal Singh Dangi.
I am from Access Development Rajgarh. Okay Could you tell me something about yourself? Yes, sure.
I am Bherulal Verma. I am from Beyavra Kalao under Tahsil Khilchipur and district Rajgarh Okay, brother what are you doing right now? Currenlty I am into poultry farming business. Okay. Okay. So, could you please tell me something about this poultary farm
that you have installed over here? Yes, sure I will tell you. So, could you please tell me something about this poultary farm that you have installed over here? Yes, sure I will provide you all the information Okay, then please let me know
why did you install this poultry farm? This business is quite fruitful Beneficial initiative Yes, poultry farming is a beneficial business. Okay, now you tell that the poultry farm that you have developed; what are the things that you required during the installation? First of all, you need to develop the farm like if we need to nourish and develop 2000 birds then the area required is 30 x90. Okay You can use bamboo or any other thing. Okay, now you tell me during the development of this farm, how many items were required? In this one, for 1000 birds you need to develop the farm in the area of 30 x 40 30 X 40? Yes. Why 30 x 40? Because if you put more chicks then you will have make it much lengthier but the capacity of this one is 30 x 40 accordingly to accommodate 1000 birds. And if you need nourish and develop 2000 chicks then the capacity of your farm should be 30 x 90. Do you require any other item? Like in this one basic requirement is grains and water. When chicks are very young like only 15 or 20 days old then you need use the small utensils for grains and water. Small? Yes. 20 utensils per 1000 birds are required? Per 1000? 20 per 1000. Accordingly if are taking care of 2000 birds then 40 utensils will be required. Okay. and now you need big utensils for feed them with grains and water. Then other things required is lighting mainly. You require light also? Light is also required in the night fully. I need to arrange high quality bulb for lighting arrangement. Hmm When there is no electricity then you need to arrange gas lantern or you need to use inverter. Okay But they must be provided with warmth and light. Okay. And third thing is that you need to use chick’s cell in the farm and to cover it with saw dust. After putting saw dust you need to leave the chicks then you need to take their medical care in terms of treatment, you need to arrange medicine and pills. Medicine and pills? They do require medicine and pills. You have prepared this poultry farm. Yes So, could you tell me how to develop a poultry farm? Yes, I can tell you. Hmm Farm is mainly built of bamboo sticks and wood Okay. Bambo sticks and you need support the farm with wooden logs both from top and basement, this way you complete the farm. Okay. Then you need to cover it with some film or you may use cloth sheet. This sheet is a little expensive and film is not so expensive. It’s cost effective. Yes, it’s cost effective. After that you need to do fencing using the net from all the four sides then you need to take care from top to bottom. You need to cleanse the farm thoroughly. Downward? You need to clean the floor, because like the chicks are blind and lame and cannot hold the grip firmly on the floor, so we need to take their proper care. And you do need to use all the other items like tap well and a container for grains for everything. And also better lighting arrangements also we need to look upon. If there is no electricity, we need to use the gas. So we do require gas too? Yes, gas is also required and then… What next? After that we complete the farm fully. From where do you bring the chicks? Huh? From where do you bring the chicks? We get the chicks from the dealers of Indore and Bhopal. Okay, so dealers are also in this field? Yes, dealers are there. They come from the company from Jabalpur and Haryana, from every place including Bhopal too. So, we purchase these chicks through dealers. dealer? we purchase these chicks through dealers. Okay And when they come, the come in packet. Of what size? Something between 35 gram to 40 gram approximately. 35 to 40 gram.
Normally what size they look like? Very small like an egg. Okay. Then we nurture them and look after their treatment as well. The duration is 40 to 50 days; we resell these chicks once they reach around 50 days. You mean to say that the chicks become ready for resell? Yes, then we sell them. We provide them with complete treatment and fed them with grains and water. How do you feed them with grains? Different feeds are there for grains of different brands; there what you need to do is you need to match with Macca while some are complete. So we buy keeping cost effectiveness in mind. Okay, so you feed them with the same grain every day or it varies? No, in the beginning what you feed them is termed as “Starter” How long? For 10 days you give starter then post 10-20 days what you feed them is known as “Re-Starter” “Re-Starter.” Post that what you give these chicks is known as “Concentrate” from 20 days till the end i.e. till 50th day. 20th day till the end. till the end Here you have installed tub. Yes. When do supply with water and grains? When the water tub is about to finish we refill them with water, like three times you need to fill under 24 hours. Three times. Yes. And this is the tub of grains; here you need to put the grains also when it is almost finished. We refill that time, if it’s not empty then we just check out. Okay, you need to check out. We need to check out. Okay. If we need them we put in there else no need to do the same. Like you have installed water in here, so in this one something like… Yes, one purpose is to clean the water and then we also give them vitamin pills and other medicines as per the requirement. Others too? Yes.We give them grains and water and we take care of water treatment and all. Okay, now you tell me; this poultry that you have developed. So it’s quite beneficial. It’s like you earn good benefit and its like if the market rate is good… How much? I mean… Like if it’s around 60 then for 1000 birds that you are nurturing and you sell them Rupees 60 per kg then you can make 20 to 25 thousand for the effort that you put in there in the process. Okay, 20-25 thousand rupees. 20-25 thousand we make in time duration of one and half month. Okay. This is what and how we earn in this business. Okay, as you have installed this poultry farm? Yes So, what are the precautions that you take in terms of their care? Like, if some of the chick is ill out of many then we separate them and keep them aside. You keep them outside? Yes. Why? So that other chicks may not get infected and it may not spread among other chicks from the infected ones. That’s why we keep infected ones in one side. One side? Yes, we treat them. And they do get well? Yes, they do recover from the infection. In case the condition is worse, the chicks die. This is all about and in order to take care of the chicks we need to have proper lighting conditions. When there is power outage, we need to use gas as a backup immediately. They cannot sustain in dark. They cannot sustain in dark? Yes, they die when it’s dark. They fail to feed themselves and walk upwards. Okay. Later on like suppose its winter season, like we need to cover with the film from the side and down as well. You need to take this precaution as well? This precaution also we need to keep. Then their treatment, you need to take extra care during winters, so that they may not fall ill. What other precaution you need to keep? Other precaution is like during the summer season. So in the summer season like there is too much warm, then we cover with rags from the both the sides and shower water on them water? and on the top as well. The environment should be cool where chicks are being grown up. These precautions you need to take. Okay, this poultry farm that you have installed; Yes do you want to share any information among other fellow farmers? What I would like to say that is they can also start poultry farming and what is there in the farming is that it’s not that beneficial and in poultry farming the benefits are high in poultry farming. So you can run more and more poultry farms. This is my message to my fellow farmers because this business is quite beneficial. Like what you earn from farming, you cannot save anything but along with farming all the farmers should carry on this poultry farming business alongside as it’s quite beneficial. So what I want to say is that we all should participate little bit, this poultry farming business. It’s very good; this is what I want to say. Okay, brother whatever information you have given us in regard to this poultry farming; me and my organization is very thankful for the same. Thank you.


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