1. rflegal12

    Your using a transitional heli for this? Good luck with this business endeavor. After looking at this, https://youtu.be/UhjmCen46i0 and 100’s more, I think you need to change your aircraft or the industry will change you.

  2. Dominic Mammone

    this is cool and all but my Massey Ferguson 35 still gets the job done just as well as this also here in Australia we don't even worry about compaction our vines don't give a shit if the ground is hard as rock or as soft as wool what we do have to worry about is the water table its salty as fuck here.

  3. hellzdk1

    Napa County ( 19-may-16 )
     Yamaha RMAX Debuts Spray Service  
    05may16 debuts commercial spray service on Napa Valley vineyard

  4. Big Red

    So let me get this straight… It's safer to use the drone as the people that are in the special suits to protect them from the chemical don't have to carry the packs. And then it's all processed and fed to humans… Great stuff.

  5. First Last

    White people can't grow a damn thing with out Pesticides. There is a reason why they wear protective Gear handling these Chemicals. They produce Cancers and destroy Soil and Beneficial Insects. But again it's a Free and stolen Country. Who will come to your rescue? The U.S Government? Ugh. Enjoy those Cancers.

  6. Viswa Saketh

    i would like to do this iss my project so can u please help me to do this motor i want all applicable data of doing this equipment


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