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Premiere Pro In Under 5 Minutes: How To Add Color And Crop Video

Welcome to another tutorial with famished in today’s tutorial: we will look at the following how to make your standard footage go from this into this This is my standard footage you need to click on new adjustment layer drop it on top of your footage drag it all the way out next you need to click on effects click in crop you need to drag this onto the adjustment layer. Open up effect controls make this twelve percent again make the bar top and bottom the same so it’s consistent. You then need to delete this and type in well you don’t type in really look for magic bullet if you’ve got it this is what I do every single time it’s the best way of re colouring your picture now here well I’ve chosen is handmade notice the difference it brings up. Mojo Tint ten percent punchy at seven percent bleach it 21% fade it forty percent ninety-five percent blue squeeze one hundred percent squid skin squeeze vignette 45% strength at one hundred percent and hey presto we’re done it’s as simple as that now i’m going to play again for you nice and i’m going to drag this out a little bit looks fantastic doesn’t it? Notice how clear this is when I press stop and stop there you go you can see absolutely everything now. Next you need to de-select all of the footage go to export media you’re obviously going to rename this in match source get rid of upper first use progressive all the time notice how better that is, there you go. Upper First this is progressive far better right change this always to an eight it’s now 46 megabyte. Your audio you should always use the same 48 herz’s stereo hi 320 bitrate and from there click click export. If you’ve got any questions feel free to leave me a comment please like and have a good afternoon thank you very much for watching.

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