Pres. Moon outlines plan to cultivate people-oriented, peaceful, and prosperous relationship …

President Moon Jae-in,… who’s currently
in the Philippines,… gave an address on Monday to hundreds of business leaders from
Southeast Asia at the ASEAN Business and Investment Summit. He explained the importance of South Korea
and ASEAN member countries building a closer relationship. Our Blue House correspondent Hwang Ho-jun
has the details. President Moon’s keynote speech at the ASEAN
Business and Investment Summit marked 20 years since the establishment of ASEAN Plus Three,…
and 10 years since the signing of a free trade agreement between South Korea and ASEAN. In his address, President Moon introduced
the so-called “Korea-ASEAN Future Community Doctrine.” (KOREAN)
“What I have in mind for our future is a community of three ‘P’s. It’s a ‘people’ community connecting each
person and each heart, a ‘peace’ community contributing to the establishment of peace
in Asia through security cooperation, and a ‘prosperity’ community that seeks economic
cooperation that is mutually beneficial.” ( 3P . , ‘ ‘, ‘ ‘, ‘ ‘, .) Moon said he will work to make relations more
“people-oriented” and do more to increase multilateral human exchanges between Seoul
and Southeast Asian countries,… including more summit meetings, government-level meetings
— also, promoting exchanges between businesses and students. Those efforts will include re-examining Korea’s
visa system… to make it easier for people from those countries to come to South Korea. President Moon also pledged to visit all 10
ASEAN member states during his time in office. As for “peace,” President Moon vowed to reinforce
cooperation with ASEAN in areas including national defense, security, and defense industries. More specifically, President Moon outlined
the importance of joint efforts to confront Pyongyang’s nuclear and missile threats, terrorism
and violent extremism, and cyber terror. And to cultivate a “prosperous” future relationship
between Korean and ASEAN member countries, President Moon vowed to increase economic
cooperation. That includes the goal of doubling contributions
to the Korea-ASEAN Cooperation Fund by 2019 and expanding trade with ASEAN to 200-billion
dollars by the year 2020. He even pledged to support next year’s Asian
Games hosted in Indonesia… with 5G wireless communication technology, which will be launched
on a trial basis during the upcoming 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. This isn’t the first time that President Moon
has mentioned the need to enhance Korea’s relationship with Southeast Asia. His “New Southern Policy” seeks to elevate
relations with the region to the level of those with Korea’s four key neighbors, the
U.S., China, Japan, and Russia. Its counterpart, the “New Northern Policy,”
seeks to reinforce economic cooperation with Russia and other countries in Eurasia. President Moon has persistently argued…
that expanding Korea’s diplomatic horizon is essential for establishing peace and prosperity
in the region. Hwang Hojun, Arirang News.

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