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Primitive Technology: 4 years of primitive technology

Primitive technology the book Stone tools Shelter Fire making Pit fired pottery Mud construction Comfortable dwelling Advanced stone tools Kiln construction Roof tile construction Underfloor heating Kiln fired pottery Garden scale agriculture Sling weapon Spear thrower Bow and arrows Cord drill fire starter Pump drill fire starter Yarn spinning Loom weaving Foot wear Charcoal production Forge blower construction Locating iron ore Smelting ore to iron Pieces of iron Fish trap large yam mound (potatoes could be used in colder climates) Water powered hammer Thatched workshop Brick making Thanks for watching


  1. Alex Delashmit Author

    Been watching dis awesome channel since I was 16 back in 2015 still and always will Love it! Fuck yeah!!!!! Primitive Technology!!!!!-

  2. Folow TM Author

    Wow…No russian comment's "if you lived we have, you would die"… but, no bad, no't bad))
    Эх, слишком суров русский народ… 😀

  3. Kit Palencar Author

    Congratulations on the launch of your book! Even though you supply us with digital content, it's still nice to see you practice what you preach… reading. Analog.

  4. Doc Jason Author

    almost 10mil subs and now soon to be a bestselling author without uttering a single word…Can't wait to see him on TV interviews answering with captions lol

  5. pato milbert Author

    He can come and stay on my farm in Costa Rica anytime. He would make a good friend and not say a word! Most people talk sheiit all the time anyway. He had better bring his own lady though, one who talks even less than him.

  6. DavidAkhter Author

    Some of this should be basic ed for kids at school. Keeps the entire population properly self reliant with skills like these. Anyways much respect to this man he has really applied himself and learned some valuable sets of skills.

  7. YouTube Admin Author

    We all just gon ignore the fact that this nigga single handly reinspired everyone to play minecraft again this causing its rebirth cause they wanted to build shit but are too lazy to do it irl

  8. B Wild Author

    Just received my book today Oct 30 2019, it was pre-ordered in August. I'm excited to dive into it. I'll let you all know more as I read the book, of course John Plant is pretty amazing here on YouTube and there might not be more needed to be said, besides "GET YOUR OWN BOOK" it's Great!!!

  9. Rodell E-run Author

    I bet he has 10 Mexicans working for him, he puts a little mud on the wall and turns around and the walls are done , makes one brick and turns around and the roof is done. His hands are like office workers .

  10. philthy cat 1 Author

    Not just surviving but succeeding, amazing. Won't be long until the lathe comes along. Then farming, steam, electric., oil, combustion engine, flight , bit of space travel , global communication and then sustainable energy . He's a good bit to go but he'll get here. Someone should go get him and tell him its here.

  11. SALAMANDR Author

    Офигеть, прошло целых 4 года! Подписался на канал когда вышел 1 видео! Офигеть время летит…

  12. Darrel Edson Author

    Just got my book today. Very nicely done. It is hard bound so it will be very durable and last many years. The illustrations are well done and it is jam packed with photos. If you are on the fence about getting this, do so. It is worth every penny.


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