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Primitive Technology: Pit and chimney furnace

demolishing old furnace digging pit grate bars chimney tunnel Door brick Building chimney 2 m tall chimney Making charcoal Un burnt wood can be used in next batch Useable charcoal (burns hotter than ordinary wood) iron bacteria making wood ash (lowers melting point of ore) ore charcoal powder and wood ash mixed inot a cylinder slag falls through grate melted mass pulled out cast iron prills cast iron prills note rust forming pit and chimney furnace


  1. Primitive Technology Author

    I've posted photos of the iron prills that I melted together in a crucible to form a single ingot (it's in my community tab here: .This was done using the forge blower blasting air down onto the crucible covered with charcoal in a small furnace. It is indeed iron metal as it sticks strongly to a magnet and has a shiny metallic luster. I believe it to be cast iron as it is quite brittle, though in other experiments I've made malleable iron from the same iron bacteria which could be flattened when hammered cold. Thanks.

  2. ប្រជុំរឿងជាតិតក Author

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  3. Александр Ильинов Author

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  4. Александр Золотой Author

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  5. Роман Красноглазов Author

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  6. Donald Clinton Author

    Quite surprising the amount of effort required to produce not even 1kg amount of iron/ bronze, granted our ancestors lived in larger groups but it's still a wonder how people the world over realized that their was something interesting about these tiny pellets, especially given the lack of even a written language.

  7. Victor Martinez Author

    It is a very good enviroment this land has everything needed to thrive…good water sources, the soil, good weather, where is it located?

  8. Charles Vattimo Author

    That’s a nice bit of slag you got there…but it looks so lame and lumpy.

    Tired of using lame, sad, metal? Use bronze. It’s copper with special ingredient tin, from the far out regions of tin-land. I don’t actually know where, my dealer won’t tell me where he gets it.


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