1. Sars Jones

    Stumbled onto this when I was looking for ruler quilting. WOW…..great job. I wish I had found this before I printed my memory quilt design onto purchased printer fabric. My next project will definitely be done using your method.

  2. Lisa Connelly

    First time looking at 1 of ur videos. Totally confused? I didnt understand the big long explanation about printers & i am from the uk so have no idea what freezer paper is?

  3. Gerrit Visser

    Just a note that on some/many laser printers there is a cover at the back that lets the paper/cloth sandwich straight out the back. I found that forcing it around the usual path created jams. Otherwise very clear instructions, thank you!

  4. sameh dahab

    Thank you ma'am for clear and valuable information you gave me I've tried to do it several times before but I didn't succeed your tutorial was understandable even for non English speaker like me I will be one of your subscriber and checking out your other videos I'm really love your way

  5. DaleandGail

    What would be nice would be to scan cards you have been given by loved ones, Mother's Day, Birthday, etc. and make a quilt or a border on a quilt.

  6. joy1151952

    This is a great tutorial! It triggered a thought for my next quilt…a little sentimental journey, so to speak, on one or more of my blocks! Thank you Lisa!!

  7. Mary hotmail Simkins


    Not sure why this video was a "recommended" video bc I DO NOT sew but I'm GLAD that I watched it!
    I am SUPER EXCITED bc I can use this idea for my "no sew pillowcases"

    THANKS for sharing this with wonderful/awesome idea 👍🏼

    Can't wait to get some fabric and start printing 🥰

    Sat Nam

  8. Opal Harwell

    This is so perfect. Thank you for taking the time to show this project. I so needed to see this Just one more question. Can you free hand embroider stitch like a satin before you take off the paper?

  9. Kim Ramirez

    Your tutorial is amazing. I appreciate the clear concise information. Have you used this technique with colored images? our of curiosity what fabric were you using in the video? I'm looking forward to trying this on fabric I intend to make purses with.
    Thank you so much!

  10. srcryer

    Wow so many comments – great tute! Went through most of the comments, saw lots about color printers, but none seemed to mention: does the color laser toner work on fabric as well as the black?


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