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Priva Compass | The solution for an optimal crop control

as a grower you want to grow a beautiful and high-quality product no matter what your crop is Central and everything around it must be adjusted to make it grow optimally so how can you realize a stable environment for your crop and be in charge of every process within your growing operation priva introduces the priva compass with our process computer we offer you a user-friendly and affordable solution for sustainable crop control the clear interface with intuitive dashboards and graphs will help you to understand and optimize your growing process with priva compass you are in control of three growth factors climate irrigation and photosynthesis simply control and optimize temperature air humidity and air flow so your crop can optimally develop itself without diseases adjust the right amount of water and fertilizers to the perfect combination for your crop no more dehydration or poor root development you can control and optimize light and co2 to have the right balance to your photosynthesis process priva compass allows you to do this as efficiently as possible with minimal use of water fertilizers and energy you can easily control your creature compass from your PC tablet or smartphone wherever and whenever you want priva compass can be integrated easily into your daily growing operation if needed your local installer can assist you with installation service and maintenance priva compass the solution for an optimal crop control

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