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Pro-C Irrigation Controller Advanced: 04, Program Customization

As you know out of the box the Pro-C comes with three programs a b and C And it has four start times possible for program if you won’t be using all these programs and start times program customization allows you to reduce down the number of options to access the program customization function start with the dial on the run position from there press and hold the minus button and turn the dial to water days and Release the minus button You’ll notice that both the available number of start times as well as the programs available will be flashing By pressing the minus button you’ll be able to reduce the complexity of the program The advanced mode is how it comes from the Factory all three programs with all four start times available the normal mode Implies two programs and all four start times and The limited mode has only one program and one start time available You can always make these programs available again by pressing the plus button

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  1. Tom Author

    This is super useful for townhomes where every resident tries to fix the controller and usually ends up with 4 start times and a zone 1 that runs for 2 hours.


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