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Protestors continue to block construction of Na Pua Makani wind farm project


  1. 7Five Double-Zero Author

    Build TMT, Build the wind project and build Sherwood Forest state park. All this protesting is costing the local Tax's payers alot of money. As is it's hard enough to live in the islands due to high cost of living. I support working local families. The construction on these projects will bring alot of locals jobs. Nevermind the HuHu already. Where were the so called Ki'ai when the rail was building up????? Now that I can say is a waste of money. Hawaii no need a rail. These protesting getting out if hand.

  2. OutLawStar Author

    I no longer sympathize with any of these protesters, when local Hawaiians blocked the intersection leading to my neighborhood above Hawaiian Homes, during the outer islands solidarity protest for TMT.

  3. Craigslist Seller Author

    Silly 'Hawaiians' now being manipulated by rich North Shore mainlanders and using Big Oil rhetoric for a cause — parroting the talking points of the petrol lobby. Sad, clueless pawns. Mauna Kea is a completely different struggle than building sustainable windmills. Geesh. Do your research before you take up a cause!


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