Proud to be a TEXTILE ENGINEER ll Textile TV ll 2017

to be honest my entire life in dream salami Buddha Balu it is in the AMA dreams he don't know I borrow my entire family member so I'm a cook serious proportion name but unfortunately jaw from Buddha result while we cannon give the heat Mary clee's chiama naam Tony I'm who stored salami I'm coming at the Shrew guru Gita so immediately I'm a kid I got a second job on pure joy on the family director meeting high meeting a minor issue title oh yeah keep having a mini gastric Coulomb camera more efficient is to deny the ability to clearly saw Hannah Graham I want to join me – meows a polished wa rahmatullah delicious croco returns in a hollow below Jabba ok Grammy partner tonight okay cats current very shaken isn't it a or Tom Janu hallo talking about the basket construction records with Sheila talkin or apologetic si tu Giam riddle crucial to mark on Acadian a to be ETA – nakuru literally teen Dean Bashar exactly eat near me Eric J it campus ID damn the air Monticello cotton on hotel she dealt see America's nation gamma rabid ahaha when he hit a textile engineer among detects a one of the famous borrow $5 to Jean and survey talkin I mean technology no proportion a own admission Tuesday their primitive cell e4 t oj first data economy campus area chaperone Montecarlo the campus de hey admission test ratio and salami motive or hungry so we hunt on campus agony versus the magic heated item we can pass around a good except the textile engineering college salut it had campus about the Bichon elector difference so I mean who be upset among Asian Apache voce Polytechnic diploma so tell Konami takes a last aesthetics Ellie Porter curry the portable terracotta situation hardest on motivations you known as detects Ellie poor boy so literally fast theorem kiss recording so first year I am director ranking kuraha J first year – object campaña course el Condor john-boy ranking amar position Scylla three get our wallet Taniguchi low forever Amara admission dehinam yesterday text really put the turkey the American Teixeira will take a partially Parker opera majority vixen the first job that you look quite difficult with her a job right away I own industry t exist koruna because some are spinning a job Silla week anime production and report um quite hot chilly temperature rotunda noise salut – salut so literally Jeff on morning shift a at the autonomy get Dubuis ship to the front back or Tom Basha so Nikon G attack tom garrity animal literally door they ever had to come because a much to learn oddish oddish oddish fiber Leggett actor said he kill neither his hammock either on a job coolly tap Rami AC 8 adjourn curry marketing a Java carrier sugar curry the air mode data hi a Marlboro hiya bottle do you hire a cetera the Shiva Rachel is a PSD Khalid you know the air brake actor / ji mark area as testing local tataki along a model Amara brush my proud record garage Animal Shelter takes a linear input Impala periodicity but initial stages they struggle to afford to hire the Annika Casa Monica Nadia Barataria time Kosovo excited or chatting a diploma nobility a question answered it is the Federal Army extra much integral are considered about you meteo be a diva because still diploma a home via chill it an autonomous Konami RC takes alienation particular corner idea a 2012 web Judah fast-forward curry the hanami reasonably good position I'm a job Corey talking are more Ohia jeniboots a pass for a PhD grossed related settle with the shochet a sharp remark in the egg didn't only Barrett is yet she taught you buti'm robbery today the mechanical Department jacilla we can get hit J una silla by her friend classmate Tahoe Nevada narration why to act a discussion of the cyllage a we borrow her jib materia nephew che admission chased away the Pieta convinced karate stuck with the Scylla why don't you go for textile car booted in Judea to me admission now to market integrity with a Beretta lugar because Bangladeshi voted the job sector a condo or come Regina whereas sticks a linear jealousy Jared Parker idiotic hollow hollow celerity John Curtis a career up for a career growth ilanic Hollow I'm sure the easy example the leadership 1988 am ecology polka leadership the conv higher room UT the verge a rumored chiloe movement everyone army action get a key position a vixen to the job quartum the running inertia aren't best junior but morally some of the position Scylla same level the Odin are me realize scoot over in general I'm actually unintentionally I mean coup but Apollo decision mission of the yellow textile engineering poorer general the iteration consider me Eric to a Collegium ricotta fortunate textile engineer a 4cm radar a textile engineer it is the example they are Java Hawaii so 2008 I'm gonna sue takes a job Korea has to accept brand name is chillin Akio team Turin so it could strangle Salah mortar on the 80s stablished kora the actor / jaramana hello Jay ethics in Turkey I mean do – I mean really do do you ever – ever available by the game masters by PhD go but economy acne never JBoss you know a suit except Daniel careless share my boss + friend shilajit actually I'm Rakuten be manager here at 20 Rosetta the agronomy chef could attack a beautiful um see Jenny having to move to market sector advise the Kurama Jenny would look he belong here Tom did the whole a sector amor gitana in difficult imagine was it about Newton Brenda sugar see to me that much to Cuba she Tiago sarracenia so to me on TV she's you know I want global pixel sectors from for Luciano to me I'm quick to advice forum on won't judge says I mean they should body tool is a given epsg code book or even a Sudoku the Amari question shikaku yeah moron are you crazy I'm gonna why CC CC realize code word so to my life Aram a life compared Kobayashi tomorrow Ning already a morning show on a magazine European yearly more or less 160 plus day I mean they should buy the travel curry only I'm a job Casey Kirk or a journal I want in the travel with the collector holla Jana because to me Egbert developer at a job or her job and you know every Monty Kunekune Asura Jitsu amaur amaur do Germany America Chile so oh the kid leave Caracas yet her my wife he leave collegiate are my parents as a traditional dahana but a mechanical to see to me and genetically engineer I mean Volvo gia to me after golden boy the golden country the genre honker Oh Sehun a textile sector is booming this is a golden sector look at the history Morrow 1918-1919 by 1910 a ranger multi us at a textile salon ik booming which amateur at Excel industry they invest correct that are earning money are encouraged that the chili made their cataract with apartheid law for general engineering piraju no medical prodigy no that is do the only money supply that we do not act oh that's K yeah USA camera J position in the he what about that about positioning J – the water on so that way we can take a ki hai industry move curry idea to me I'm are bhai Barataria my bachelor party just gonna act official museum assay to meet key Genoa Turkey you touch it Excel Museum I'm a DJ bill is a village a ask a ticket 5060 years ago a village stood Scylla one of the important area for textile repair but ultimately textile disappear how they emit Excel engine our bow at Excel engineer our data takes Ali industry the job good too but I'm lucky enough not the I wanted this she take a textile industry they Casper to see how move court oxidation by day so to meet the global data now Bangladesh is a growing economy along a contextual sector booming China hotel number one Bangladesh option number two but China's internal electronics will decay shift scholarship because opportunity cost unlike high among lower cost high is an industry shift crude the signal to Bangladesh a Vietnam a comedy at the India to Pakistani Bangladeshi already repetition us a global level a the quality producer Bangladesh dignity garments village a equal equality would say excellent so to me LLL come after industry chariot with the share Bharatiya to McKeon cobraman art within literally rather allow each in develop turned out there actually toe or kata to protect agave logic as a model Jared jr. assay jerem our video dica save more or less a can catch our in dream hood Ida watts along avoidable whoa Adama miracle a Volvo at a balmy idat below but trust me and there you take this decision intentionally or unintentionally or accidentally you made a great decision because a mother a Indus at least seven to ten years broker with that for a saturation level HB that money I'm Roger Khanna industries rookie we had the luxury to choose their job because market bajo de Pury man textile engineer I want Excel professional industry dates Ilona acre only fifteen to eighteen thousand textile engineer Jeremy Vince tradition thing already market hace para Hawaii opposite internet phenomenon exists karana on University trust me idea is one of the best Institute Bangladeshi but for the students only one hundred good therapist colleges that are extremely meritorious among that I would say could be brilliant admission tests as our first big attack though that I asked avoidable to but do the booty status six near the heat more than 60% engineer they're a good thing a partially there how I disable a magnet could the bumper because Bangladeshi become job prospect nine there are same life little to say more or less mr.boss you're comin on this ticket a chance to say she'll come around if they sticking it on the dish a cellular chip we did k develop good to say whereas at occasion I'm not Excel a amra more or less 98% Excel engineer I'm a deep dish is tactical to see I want the dish a contribution contoured the sea chicken I wanted this year do the export figure bully 32 or 33 billion remove the 28 billion hot Excel industry ticket and with the entire economy depends on textile industry I'm ready is a fancy job Garuda he banker job by other sector and multinational organisation with a job brother he era textile sector opera directly involved banker at Olin College a textile industry day he would infrastructure development oj you can a civil engineer cusco to say they can a mechanical engineer rockets could say darmani textile a RMG sector of bangladesh a backbone amra either it except quarry barn a quarry but statistical figure tabali the a genomic bordeaux feel proud I'm a rugged video tell me what salams IAM of the textile engineer on here a Louisville opposition and say this is a fact I'm ready I'm Adele will go to door buzzer calculation curry more or less 80% Excel engineer coupe hollow position a say in future general market and the shamash they say I mean Volvo the golden train Judy a mechanic compared to the textile industry Kay the golden train actually Europeans he'll owe us a titular we can take a China today Janet a Cabana this year tack on a train Deccan Bangladeshi station a say I wanted to make sure quarter with a golden trainer on the Google Toby only the Havana a trainer right seated position belong on the committee way talented extremely good carrier white good the sound on the gym literally in future a productivity by right around that K machine a technology full advantage meter away eight Donna can judicata G Umbra textile engineer shop Chiba she important role play Colby darmani a medieval digit Excel engineer it the Golden Age data a golden age already has started make sure cutaway textile engineer that K Jayamma their contribution i'ma do me a golden is camera expansion kuru just a connection Y value additional cars away fashion our cars have a technical to accelerate cars away extra hot about a model fashion designer designed the way European by others been approved correct I wanted this day a category near away so internal industry day I wanted proportion darker eigen video Tommy will CJ carry original killer and papers under car a me Judy bully Tellem first amid a Volvo the on the first proportional check markets on poor K Sharma fashion how big these industries what if the Mel what are the major factors data of the investigation could be in feature a factor ruler key ETA R prime under preparation doctor to be honest unless the last video titular job papaki it had J feedback data it will be comments on Facebook a comments they have overwhelmed really I'm over one I mean actually boost word solemnity armor internet with the experience sharing it after impact to the curb a so I expect Corbeau after a video quality constructive comment Corbin never happened a phone call from code on robot dicks ltwill video the Hasidim thank you


  1. Alohin Shurjo AS

    New job pauar sathe sathe akta shahosh pailam sir apnar kothar moddhe…now i am really proud to be a Textile Engineer of my golden Banglsdesh….thank you so much

  2. Palash Palash kumar

    Vaiya ami taxtail a porte chai kintu ami akhon ssc diyechi akhon ki korbo??? Hcs porbo na ki polytechnic a textail niye porbo?? Konta korbo apni aktu amake ans den please ☺

  3. Ittesaf Chowdhury

    ভাইয়া সাস্টের আইপিই বিষয়টা কি টেক্সটাইল ইঞ্জিনিয়ারিং বিষয়ের অন্তর্গত???

  4. abcher hossan ridoy

    Monowar Hossain polash sir, আপনার কাছে আমার একটা প্রশ্ন, যারা বুটেক্সের শিক্ষার্থী, তারা নাকি তাদের বলয়ে অন্যান্য প্রতিষ্ঠান এর ইঞ্জিনিয়ারদের কে ঢুকতে দিতে চান না। এরকমটা কেন?

  5. Jahidul Islam Shimul

    ভাইয়া আমি ত প্রাইভেট ভার্সিটিতে টেক্সটাইল ইঞ্জিনিয়ারিং নিয়ে পড়ছি। আমি কি চাকুরী পাবো???

  6. roman khan

    Vai. Textile engineering vlo hoba naki fashion designing vlo hoba? Kontar value basi? R konta krla salary basi pabo? And high life create krta prbo

  7. Mehedi Hasan

    Vai ami Tex'a Diploma korchi,Amr iccha BSC Complete krbo So amr ques holo Tex'a kon subjects a porboPlz জানিয়ে favor krbn???


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