1. W h e e z e

    I expected these guys to be rarely sold, they're seriously everywhere and for super cheap! Probably because they're blue lol. Are they defensive at all?

  2. Mandy George

    I've just bought 2 slings today, one being the Brazilian Blue. I can't wait to get them tomorrow. Great video and I'm now a subscriber!

  3. Rachael Wootton

    Was just thinking what a clever idea the bottle was when it shot out lol guess they’re always a step ahead…..well they got eight legs they ought to be 😉

  4. Champagne Paige

    Would you be kind enough to include a link to where to find these tubs on Amazon? I have a sazimai about that size and it would be so nice to give "her" a nice deep patch of soil with a gentle open lid. Man "she" gets so freaked out every time I pop the lid on her big deli cup. This would be so much easier.

  5. sNstRchaOs

    The smaller square enclosure that you show here are bout 20 bucks at jamies, I have found them on the container store for 3 bucks. grab a bag of vents for 5 bucks, and you can get 5 or 6 enclosures for the price of 1 at jamies. also I found awesome larger acrylic containers on amazon that are very similar to the larger you you housed to for 10 bucks…
    Gawgeous T bro!

  6. Jane Smith

    Hi 🙂 Another cute little T you have there,will be really awesome when it gets the blue,Sazi are gorgeous. I am always surprised when I hear the prices of T's in the U.S. and Canada when I watch you and Jon. For the same 63 you mentioned ,you could get a sexed juvenile here in Germany. Thought that at least the new world species would be cheaper,because of their proximity . The expo was really fun ( aren't they all ). But I did pout a bit,the T I had my heart set on, Holotele Columbia, was only available as a TINY sling (captivity breed fall 2015) for a walloping 45€. So I bought a B.Smithy the same size for 5€, always liked those. So have a good week

  7. Tjunkie78

    Great video Tom!!!! I appreciate how you handle your T's, very smooth!!! I have picked up many tips from watching your rehouse/transfer videos!!!! As always thx for sharing!!!!

  8. John Heraldo

    awesome video and thanks for the shout out. You are awesome. They are $25 Canadian  for 1/2 inch at Tarantula Canada.com for Canadian residents.

  9. Essie Rosenthal

    I just love blue tarantulas too, I want a particular old world species I believe it is called an ornamental gooty sapphire, but have not studied up on them nor am I mentally prepared.  I'm scared of Snuggles my O.B.T., "which may be a good thing" and he is just a wee baby as of yet, but a lot  of orange is coming through now. Would you be willing and able to do a video on that breed? Not the O.B.T.  I do not even know if you have one.  Thanks for another good vid, this is the first time I have heard of this species.


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