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Purdue Master Gardener Program Success Story: Tippecanoe County

[music] [JEFF] Hi I’m Jeff Philips, with Tippecanoe County Extension. I’m the Ag and Natural Resources educator,
and we’re in the Master Gardener’s Vegetable Demonstration Garden right now. Where we attempt to demonstrate lots
of different vegetables being grown and different techniques. [PAT] We have many projects going on
other than the demo garden. They have adopt a spot, they have this plan idea
garden, and we have over a 100 community gardens. [music] [JEFF] This garden is also very educational. Besides we bring our class out here to show them
some of the techniques and visitors can stop by any time in public. [JERRY] All of the produce that we raise here
is voluntarily given to the food pantries in Tippecanoe county. St. Ann’s Soup Kitchen tells me that they
usually serve, around 231 meals per day. When I say serve, I mean, they give them a
sack of groceries, and they tell me that they put produce in it that would feed a family of four. [PAT] One of the impacts of this program, I feel like, it has thought me how to lead people and work with people. [JERRY] Most of the volunteer hours that we put in out here, I would say all of us do it in order to receive the satisfaction of giving to those who are less fortunate than we are. [PAT] But I think it’s some thing that everyone should try at one time in their life. Because it teaches you to be considerate of others and to work with others very nicely, [music]


  1. UC Master Gardeners of Santa Clara County Author

    Great explanation of what it is to be a Master Gardener! UCCE Master Gardener Program of Santa Clara County, CA has a YouTube channel, too. Hope you'll take a look sometime.


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