1. just me

    I think Trump is taking a que from Russia and trying to help America become self sufficient again and not dependant on any other countries for our needs. We can and should be self sufficient. America has been weakened by depending on cheaply made products with things like lead in them! American made means American workers at work. We can grow just about anything we need right here in America. We have the resources here for manufacturing.

  2. Tracey Kays

    So someone help me understand. Is he helping the dairy farmer that we’re all ready there or did he buy and reconstruct the dairy farms.
    He said something that did make total sense. Don’t buy ur cheese from another country, make our own cheese. Way to go. Great thinking.

  3. R.J. M

    This is an example for all you Americans how capitalism should work,despite government subsidies if one isn't greedy there is still room for donations and give away,unlike the corporate welfare that is practiced in the us.

  4. kat i am

    🌈Please read ANASTASIA, the Ringing of the Cedars of Russia series by Valadimir Mégré, so much about this & offers so much hope & inspiration! We all need it, namasté…
    God bless all who read this, lets unite, power & strength in numbers!
    😘✨be strong, be safe & always, always be kind ✨💚

  5. Jeffrey Spradley

    It is obvious that Russia is moving in a positive direction to feed their people and a peaceful happy healthy existence. How I wish the Corporation that has hijacked the real Government in the united states of America could be removed and America be returned to a Constitutional Republic and head in the direction it was heading living in peace leaving other Countries alone and making our great Nation self sufficient in all areas of agraculture and business as Russia is doing. The evil now in Washington must be stopped. Hopefully this can be done without completely destroying the Country. Only with Our Father in Heaven's help will this be possible. So I pray for this.

  6. Monsieur P.

    SANCTIONS DON'T WORK! Thank you, since I live in Florida USA and have seen the USA basically sanction itself into paralysis and haven't seen any good come of them ever.

  7. moussa baradji aholi

    isn't Germany fought Russia ww1&2 and today German citizen become Russian making difference.? Come on folks we gotta make peace. Cow is hit

  8. Wacky2 Optimus Prime

    Yes. Its crazy. truth from ordinary people is truthful. Even Cuba survived… huhu… dilemma is throughout adversary, ego and peace. a complex dilemma.

  9. Believer 1

    Great documentary as usual – informative and well presented. Thanks DW. Kudos to Mr. Durr and President Putin, the greatest leader in our times. So refreshing to see countries developing and benefiting its people instead of bullying, sanctioning, regime changing, stealing and bombing.every country that does't toe the line!

  10. Danius Von Gailis

    Amazing man . Russia need most helpnthry can get. Idiots give billions for free in Africa and get disasters in return . Help those who can grow and become like you ,so they can help others.

  11. 1957Anwar

    Thanks to EU Agri sanctions. Russians are now self sufficient in many agri products which they had to earlier import. Now EU border states have to eat 8kg tomato per day/per head to offset the export loss.

  12. PP C.

    Lesson remain relevant in 2019 !!
    12.30 The Russian attitude of wanting the EU's sanction to remain to drive internal sufficiency is EXACTLY the same as China which the US and NATO had sanction hi-tech and military on China…!!! That resulted in China development in these areas without the US participation..!!
    Russia will grow to be self sustaining..


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