Qigong Series Ep.08 pt.1: Season 2 🍭💦 +200103+ Cultivating the Breath into Energy, Recap of ep.1-4

(soft music & water splashing) (gentle water sloshing) (mysterious adventure music) (sploosh, splash) two beings connect! (light gale attack) warbler calling (sand gently crushing) Hola! Annyeonghaseyo! Bienvenido! Soy Scott con Way of Water Arts! Welcome to episode 8 of my Qigong Series. In this episode, I want to go through Series 1-7. Now that I have been able to get down a pretty good way of teaching. Understanding what I am trying to relate to you guys. How to do that in a consistent and effective manner. I want to go through episodes 1-7. So that you guys really get a good… Feel and understanding of the first 7 Qigong. I feel like even with those first 7 Qigong that I have done… That could last you a lifetime of practice. You could use episodes 1-7 to practice for your whole life. I literally used Qigong 1,2 & 3 for about 15 years. I really feel like at episode 8… The number 8 is really good for symbolizing infinity. The idea that these practices are Unlimited. Just like numbers and time. There is an infinite amount of exercise that you can do from these first 7 Qigong episodes. Going into this episode, remember when we start Qigong… We want to make sure we are in a good Wuji posture. I have explained that in several of my videos, so I hope you are following along. If not, check out Standing Meditation and the TaiJi Series. Those are really good for giving you an idea of how to create your structure. How you should position your body. Where the weight should be centered. Real quickly, 50% of your weight here, 50% of your weight in this leg. You definitely want to have those joints soft and open. When you are coming from a starting position here… Make sure that your hands are open. Very important to have open hands here. When I say open, that doesn’t mean have your hands fully open like that. It is a relaxed openness, where you are not collapsed. One thing I like to do is tense it (hands)… Open it with tension, close it with tension. Then let it go. Right there is where you should have your hands. So, Qigong epsiode 1…uh let me think back…(chuckles). Qigong episode 1, we started here. When we breath in… Arms come up, you are at your heart center, your chest level. When you reach that area, at the top of your inhalation… You start to flip the hands outward and upward. Then you exhale. You can exhale through your nose or your mouth. Just make sure that you are exhaling at the same rate that you inhaled. We are up here, we are at the top of our exhalation.. We begin our inhalation. Inhaling, inhaling…the hands start to turn downwards. At your heart level, that is where you begin the exhale. Let me show what this looks like here. Start exhaling (at heart level) Inhaling… Heart level, exhale. That was Qigong episode 1. Qigong episode 2… Me and my best friend George, hi George! We decided that Qigong 2, we will call the preying mantis. Because when he did the Qigong… he said it really looked like, the arms are creating that mantis style. Qigong episode 2… We are starting from our good Wuji posture. Breath in… Get to the heart level… Start to exhale. You want to try… and Not eliminate, but slow down… The pauses between breaths. When I am talking here, it is a little difficult. What I mean is, we are breathing in… Belly expands outward. Right here, do not pause too much. I am pausing because I have to talk. When we are here at the top of our inhalation… Start that exhalation right away. Try not to have too much of a lag between, the inhalation and the exhalation. I will do it from the side here. Really look like that preying mantis George! Breath in… and breath out. So, no pauses. Exhale. Now when I am breathing in… The belly goes out! As I am going up here, picture your belly coming out like this, expanding. That pulls down your diaphragm. Allows your lung to expand. Utilizing the most oxygen that they can effectively handle. Then that circulates throughout your body. Qigong episode 2. So, now Qigong episode 3… Me and George decided we will call this the soaring crane. The arms are out here at the side. Same principle as preying mantis, breath in. and exhale… Really try and harmonize the speed of the movement, of your arms… with the speed of your breath. Harmonize it (them). That was Qigong episode 3. Qigong episode 4, there is where it is going to get a little muddy. It was this one here. Start here in Wuji posture. When we come up, we bring our hands slightly here (dantien level). We breath in. Then our arms go in opposite directions. Up and down. This one goes down, this one goes up. You are breathing in. Give that a good stretch there. We are exhaling on the way down. Hands reach here at the belly. Continue the exhalation. That is pretty advanced. Definitely start with Qigong 1,2 & 3. Before you move onto this one. Because this one is a little complicated, I will come from the side here. Always start in Wuji posture. If you are ever confused, and you are like “where do I start?” Go back to Wuji posture, standing meditation. And start here! We breath in… and the we exhale. Now with this one, you might want to go a little bit quicker. It is ok to pick up the speed of your movement. To match the speed of your breath. If you are not used to breathing slow… That is ok, you can still breath at a normal rate. Just coordinate the speed of your movement, with the speed of your breath, let us try one more time from this angle. I feel like this one is a little more complicated, we should spend more time on it. Starting here, we start our breath in. Now this hand (top) is going to move alot faster than the bottom one. But you are breathing in.. Now, when you reach the top, you exhale. Then you can switch your arms. I am exhaling. With Qigong 4, it is really good to start with, coming up just a little bit. In Wuji posture, we start our hands right here. Come up, just a little bit to the belly level. Start the inhalation. Then the hands can go opposite directions. You want it to feel like your spine is opening up also when you are doing this. When you separate your arms like this, you give your spine a little stretch. That is good for stretching the spine… stretching your shoulders. Then coordinating that speed of breath. You might have to speed the breath up on that one. (laughter and video games sounds) (thank you for watching, Annyeonghaseyo)!


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