1. Ryu

    I want to be scientist but i still don't know how to be, i mean what should be done.Hmm i would make a UFO now which would no longer be called Unidentified.

  2. MauriceCBrown3rd

    this Is cool stuff, and, reminds me of when I ran into a few groups online back around 2000, and I was expressing the definition of part of an advanced propulsion design as super conductor, they behaved badly. Maybe if I described it as a super generator of esotric energy, maybe they would not had been so rude, and they claimed to be connected with NASA, but who knows? There is a Vast almost endless amount of technology we can develop into; Open minds, and deep pockets will enable

  3. Jeremy Clarkson

    A question for everyone: Would this work if I use any piece of ceramir like a plate or a ceramic statue… Or should it be speficly that black little ceramic puck?

  4. Ben Common

    Yeah why bother trying to make new materials? Apart from if our ancestors were all as short sighted as you we'd still be living in mudhuts.

  5. Ben Common

    No because you will induce a current in the copper which will itself create an electromagnetic field around the copper which then acts against the spinning of the magnet.

    For a demonstration of this effect search for videos of magnets falling through a copper tube.

  6. SuperRandoguy

    not really, too conduct electricity you will need either a generator or an inductor. to turn the generator would add friction to the system, resulting in an eventual stop of the systems movement. the inductor would add another magnetic field to the system, but im unsure as to how that would effect the system as i have not been fortunate enough to play with these yet haha.

  7. mynameismatt2010

    No, wearing gloves while handling liquid nitrogen is what is actually dangerous. When you're wearing no gloves if a drop falls on yous skin it will bead up and roll off due to the leidenfrost effect, but if you're wearing gloves a drop can get trapped between the glove and your skin and form blood blisters.

  8. mantovannni

    i still think ceramics are boring, also i dont have any liquid nitrogen to go around testing the magnetic properties of my kitchenware. so it's still boring till the scientists use it to make something cool that flies.

  9. beatrixmunku

    That is so cool – I wonder what it would be like if we made big city buildings out of this Yttrium barium copper oxide and magnets and some how cool them down ^-^ floating city ^-^

  10. Danny Phillips

    I've had an Idea.

    Make all the roads out of Yttrium with a layer of Liquid nitrogen underneath and above it, then add magnets to the bottom of all cars and then use steam thrusters to move the car.

    Meh It'll never happen though.

  11. sambarnes285

    It's not that dangerous, actually, I've dipped my hand in it a few times.As long as you're quick, a layer of air is formed around your hand that protects it from the cold. It's neither fake nor homosexual, although I could see why you'd think that.


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