Quick-maturing Plants: 5 Fast Growing Vegetables to Try



    I'm a beginner!!! YAHOOoo!!! I have spinash seeds but I'm not 2 crazy so until your video about spinash in salads!!! YUM!YUM! Now, I'll plant those seeds!!! Thank U 4 this GREAT VID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🎈🎈🎈

  2. Pegs Barton

    Brilliant info thank you, and you give recipes! Wicked! My worry is – I have three raised beds [new this year, I've never grown veg to speak of] 2 x 4' x 2.5' and 1 x 2' square. if I have to leave 12" between my rocket[ as per pack instructions] and 6" or 8" between other things I will not have enough space to fit it all in. I plan to grow Purple sprouting broccoli, rocket, mixed salad leaves, early carrots, beetroot, parsnips and spring-onions using the follow up planting way for succession on whatever I can. I pictured them all growing in amongst each other though in rows originally but according to packs I will have vast amounts of empty space. Can you advise please? I know this is an old video but I'm hoping it tells you when someone writes on it. I know you have a programme/app that plans things and shows you stuff but I am an old woman who can't honestly work my DVD player so it is beyond my skills. Do I have to obey the planting rules?

  3. Knowledge World

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    Very good video. I have only recently got into the good life and now growing tomatoes, green chilli, cabbage, coriander and looking to grow the vegetables you mentioned. I'd like to be dependent on the organic food I grow to reduce the money I waste on tasteless commercially grown produce.

  5. Stonemansteve II

    You don't need covers are traps, all you need is diatomaceous earth. You sprinkle some over plants and on the soil as well, and even though it feels like talcom powder to us, the microscopic fossils cut in the bug's exoskeleton and they dry out and die. They don't die right away, so you don't see a bunch of dead bugs or slugs, but your plants will have much less holes in their leaves afterwards. You just have to sprinkle some more on after it rains.

  6. carspotting europ

    Hello everyone! This video was really helpfull for me. You can grow your organic food even faster by using this proven product.

  7. Samantha Plumadore

    I love watching & re-watching your videos ea yr refreshing as I'm planning & preparing to start seed & plant out the garden. Such great info, ideas & tips that most overlook. Your soil looks so wonderful. I've been adding to & bettering my soil overtop of our red clay here in Va for about 6yrs this location. We have aphids even now in Feb! All yr where I had a layer of plastic protecting some spinach, swiss chard, cabbage, etc thru winter. I just removed the plastic to allow the snow, cold to hopefully kill them asap prior to warmth & planting out. Japanese beetles & spider mites have been the most devastating in 2016, every yr spider mites, squash vine borers 2017 for my 1st exper with their damage/ destruction along with the s mites! I'm curious if u have any ideas on how I can try to rid these nasty little almost invisible spider mites? I've tried DE, & the organic store bought & homemade sprays as well as a very detrimental bug spray that made no difference in the amt of spider mites or their cont'd damage. I'm curious if there's a way to attempt disrupting these bugs below soil prior to spring when they all erupt & begin demolition again

  8. The Novice Gardener

    Love love love your videos!! I’m new to gardening and growing vegetables so these vids are very useful. Check out my YouTube channel where I’m building a 200sqm plot. 🙂

  9. Anne Fricker

    Thank you thank you thank you! At last a video without the waffle. I hate videos that are all music and no speech and I hate videos where you get a life story before if ever they get to the point. Yours are fast and punchy. Could do without the music otherwise they are full of content and deal with the subject quickly. Thank you.

  10. Sugi bliss

    Hello I love the video and very useful. I like to ask you couple questions that I live in Arizona where I get nice sunny days and some monsoon rain and can you recommend me some veggies to grow faster. And 2nd i see a cardboard under the soil in the video and pls advise what purpose of the cardboards and can I use it under the soil before I planting.

  11. TheTrueabundance

    I just wish you could make a video for hotter climates. I'm in zone 10 in South Spain and we can only plant salads, beans, and spinach in the late autumn and over winter, otherwise they just bolt 🙁 I've planted cucumbers for an autumn harvest, and have malabar spinach growing, but have you any other ideas for me to fill the gaps now?

  12. Surfview

    I would add for #6 MORINGA. In less than 6 weeks, I've been harvesting leaves off of these fast growing Moringa. I have 43 growing in my Phoenix, Arizona yard. So, I can harvest every day. Pruning them 9" off the ground after they are 3' tall makes them fork and you get double the growth and double the yield. Moringa will grow 15' in one season. And if you use the PKM-1 hybrid Moringa, then you can have the 3' pods grow and dry before the frost. They are perennials, so they will likely grow back the next year if there is a frost. Zones 8a+ should allow them to grow back without effort. They are drought tolerant after two years. So, they are perfect for any yard in the sunbelt for USA. The seeds can be used to purify water. The leaves are super nutritious and are used by famished populations in impoverished and malnutrition affected nations.

  13. Trish Moon

    Great reminder! Thank you! Each year I forget to sow my carrots in containers…I'm out of seeds and containers for now…so I'll try next year!

  14. Mike Hanner

    i just started my garden this year and so far no bugs doing any damage to it. but they are protecting it and making sure the ground is getting moved to let in air and water and to make room for roots

  15. Nathaniel Burbery

    Great vegies for growing from seed.

    Another great, fast and free option is to replant the ends of spring onions, celery and living fancy lettuce vegies from the grocery.



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