1. Darlene Nelson

    Hi Erica, this is just a quilting question, I'm making a quilt and I'm at the end. I accidentally bought polycotton instead of cotton for some trim, will this mess the quilt up for taking care of it?

  2. Sondra Andersen

    Thanks so much. I wish I'd have watched prior to cutting all the fabric for my first quilt. I really needed this explaination as my cuts were definitely off and this, of course, followed me through my entire project.

  3. best wishes

    Thank you for talking at the pace  you did, any slower and I would lose content.  My question is about "straight of grain".  Saying I'm a newbie is an understatement.  I noticed at the  fold that the red and white diamonds where not the same from one side to the other, does that mean the grain is off for all subsequent pieces?  Is lining up the salvage edges enough, or do you have to clip and rip each side, then pull diag corners before folding and cutting?  I'm starting super simple, first making compression hearts for kids, which will result in tons of scraps that will need to be sewn together to make more hearts.

  4. Ilex Quilter

    Very fast talker. Have a hard time processing what you’re saying. I wouldn’t be able to follow you. I did like how you stress blade safety. At least that’s what I think you said.

  5. Martha Hershey

    Great video ,Erica. Thank you. Please share info about your cutting mat. The color is great for those of us with eye sight challenges. The typical Olfa mats are great, but too dark. Thanks so much, Happy New Year!

  6. Creating Coghlans

    Should you wash your fabric before cutting? I usually wash my fabrics, but I haven’t made any quilts yet, and was wondering if there was a reason to not wash before cutting.
    Thank you!

  7. Marlene Janzen

    I changed the blade on my rotary cutter and now it seems it doesn’t move or cut properly. Can you show us how to properly replace the blade?

  8. William Bothwell

    Erica sorry to contradict you like this, as an engineer i would never square off from the short edge! a quick explanation If you weren't quite on your line say off a millimeter and depending on the length of your long side your error could be as much as three millimeters plus off. It increases exponentially the longer the side!!!

  9. Verda Gauldin

    If you download Robert Kaufman's Quilting calculators (The Quilter's Little Helper) and it will figure out for you the yardage you need. And, it's free.
    Love your energetic tute.

  10. Jack Bendickson

    Thank you great video.. I was having such a hard time cutting straight lines and almost thought of giving up learning how to sew because I said if i can not even cut a straight line how am i going to make clothing or anything for that matter.. loved it. Will watch more of your videos for sure]]

  11. Jennifer Jones-Paull

    Thank you very much…beginner quilter here as well. I will definitely buy that smaller cutting square, great tips all round. Happy quilting.

  12. Tricia NotPatty

    Thank you! I am a brand new sewer and was completely frustrated by the process of cutting. I thought that would be the easy part of sewing. Not so much. This video is awesome!!!

  13. Hayley Sykes

    As a beginner cutting my fabric was really daunting until I watched your video. I've just cut 48 5" squares in no time at all. Thank you so much.


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