1. Sandra Camp

    I love quilting, but in today's economy and mindset, I know I'll never be able to sell a quilt. I was looking in a catalog today and a beautiful looking velvet with embroidery in its blocks was selling for under $300. I could never create one to sell as homemade for that price. My quilts, just for the fabric and time plus batting, backing and time or money spent on quilting would cost over 1000 dollars. I only but good fabric for both top and backing. I guess I will quilt for myself and also quilt gifts. Such a sad state of affairs. The cost of quilting is expensive even if it is just for yourself.

  2. 25donkeys

    I am interested in making a quilt like the one she has hanging behind her. She talks so fast, I couldn't get what she was saying about it. She mentions a blog, but how do I find it? Please help.

  3. Cheryl Pearson

    "Get a second opinion', lol . My husband sees me coming and runs! Probably not the best choice. Thanks for your video…this process I find hard…I mull over fabrics for hours (or days even!) Before deciding…then I second guess myself..sometimes you think it doesn't look right but don't know why…your video touched on some of these which was helpful.

  4. gabbyg561

    I loved this video.  Picking out fabrics that compliment each other can be a task.  This reminded me of a a trip to Walmart, where I was looking to buy some material.   Anyhow I picked out these two prints that I thought looked great together.

    A lady who was shopping for material also, was watching and said I never would have picked those two prints to go together, but She said they look great together, and bought some for herself, which made me feel good.

  5. Betty Coe

    I enjoy all your videos Mary. You seem to be enthusiastic and knowledgeable. I did really like this one since we agreed on your fabric choices. I always like to refresh that the method I use is still good and maybe pickup a tip which I always do with you. Thank you. Just another Greatgrandmother.

  6. TheAppieShow

    My problem becomes wanting to put all my favorites into one quilt. And, now, I have a bunch of ugly stuff that I just don't want to put anywhere, because all the cute stuff went together.


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