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Ragnarok Mobile Whitesmith NO RUNES Farming for level 91 and above

what’s up everyone this is drahc and for
today’s guide I’m going to do a follow-up video of my whitesmith
Runeless alt character I receive a lot of comments and messages on what’s
gonna happen when you reach level 81 while farming on Orc village am I going
to delete the character because of the drop penalty my short answer is no and
the reason is what I’m going to share with you guys tonight before we begin I will really appreciate
it if you guys spend a click for me and subscribe to my channel my channel is
still small and I just recently became active again doing video content
particularly related to Ragnarok Mobile I’ll be more active now and providing
you guys with Ragnarok of mobile related content
so it will really mean a lot to me if you subscribe also don’t forget to click
the notification button for more video updates a bit of disclaimer before we
begin this guide is exclusive for alt character or in other words second
character that you want to use for farming purposes only I highly suggest
to invest in runes for your main account as Runes play a big part of
your character development till the Endgame so without further ado let’s begin
so first I’m going to show you my stats here are some additional information of
my stats for your reference so basically just max STR of course or
attack damage then add a bit of DEX so you won’t miss your skills can put
the rest of your stat on INT for SP regen for the skills we are keeping the
same skill set as we used before in our Orc Farming Guide of course for the runes I’ll reset this
one so there’s no runes activated as for my guild blessings you see is all zero and of course the Aesir tab is blank
because I don’t have any runes activated as for the pet we are keeping the
desert wolf baby that we use on the Orc village Farming guide because of the
additional def penetration skills that It provide here are the equips that I’m
using for this build Rosa bracelet Tights Tier III Ancient Cape Eggyra Slot Shoes for SP regen Luna brooch with cobble card for
additional STR +5 doom axe tier 3 with vadon card cat ear
Beret hockey mask because I don’t have anything good purpose scarp angel wing
and of course my windbreaker I also have a +4 Vesser Axe for damage comparison
later for food buff I will use the original
will seafood soup because of the additional attack and additional def
penetration it gets but since I only have four I’ll use fanatsy fish soup to
fill the six slots I’m also going to use the STR food and a converter later we are
going to Farm in Kobold hammer located at Kordt Forest Depth I pick this map because
the cobalt he are aggressive so they won’t stray away from your position I
highly suggest to bring a slave priest with you for heal, blessing and impositio buff
on Auto slap for more efficient farming as you can see I won’t be able to
one-shot the Kobold hammer because they are really tough but my damage is enough
to Two shot them you will earn at least 500 to 600K zeny about 2,000 to 3,000
pieces of necklace of wisdom and about 100 Flame heart all in all if you add up
the raw Zeny and the loot drops that’s about 1.5 to 1.6 million Zeny for 360
stamina you also have a chance to get a cobble
card and that’s worth 1 million + on the current exchange rate now I’ll switch weapon to my +4 Vesser axe
to see the difference as you can see the damage is almost the
same you can still Two shot the Kobold hammer
using a +4 Vesser axe with A Vadon card so as you can see you can still use your
RuneLess white Smith to farm with a little investment but I suggest to stay
in our village until level 92-91 then transition here and stay up to level 94 after that sadly you will start to hit a wall unless you are willing to
invest on a 2 slot do max with 2 Memblatt card then you can stick to Sting
until your level 99 but I highly suggest to just create a new character or maybe
just a new blacksmith and just use your Whitesmith Pet Adventure that’s
it guys I hope you like this video and I hope it gives you an insight and
additional information about my Runeless Whitesmith farmer if you guys
have any question or suggestion just post it in the comment section below and
I will gladly answer them all as long as I know the answer see you again next
time and please don’t forget to like this video


  1. faris usman Author

    u dont say that u got blessing, kyrie, and impositio from slave priest, without it u can reach that damage and become strong against kobold

  2. jimuel canosa Author

    Because of this my main ws has something to do now, hes just been farming in the gh outskirts almost 1 hitting the dragons but it was a bit slow for farming coz the mobs are too far away but on the kobolds theyre efficient for farming coz the mobs are near to each other and can spawn fast..
    Im using cart attack with +5 vexer[1] with a vadon card and it works for me yey 😁👌

  3. Rab Bustamante Author

    Liked, subscribed. More pinoy content creators! Dont mind the negative comments, there a few guides in english and this is good. Keep it up!

  4. Kel Caneca Author

    I have tried this but necklace of wisdom takes a long time to sell in auction. You are lucky if you are able to sell 1k per day. Let's say you can farm 2.5k pcs per day. You are only able to sell 1k per day. That leaves you with 1.5k extra the next day. Per week you will have around 10.5k pcs of necklace stuck in your inventory.

  5. Game Sucks Author

    i have level 82 whitesmith and dont have runes and i dont have tier 3 doom axe cuz its so expensive.. what weapon do you recommend? and i think i cant farm in orc cuz i dont have cards for orcs

  6. Baron Crates Author

    can a high refine holy dagger max tier with 2 dessert wolf cards 1 hit kobold archer? considering we 5 star foods a str meal A and a converter with no runes?

  7. jessy aguilar Author

    1menblatt doom, axe +4and up tier 3, flame heart, aldebaran soup6x, tights tier3, cat ear berret since hnd ka magiinvest sa runes mag invest ka sa dalwang flame earring much better kung meron kang book na lumilipad nakalimutan ko name nun pang back. hockey mask, spiked scarf tapos pede kna mag grind sa orcs form 72-91then lipat ka sting pag 92 sa sting palitan mo ung hockey mask at scarf ng kahit na anung may attack na mouth at face

  8. reymil ortiz luis Author

    a lot of stupid idiots complaining about not being able to 1 shot kobold lol.. 2shots kill 4 kobold is still better than sinx 1 SB=1 kill at a time.. stupid asses

  9. Don Jay Author

    Impressive.. im a bit lost because some of guides where showing 1 hit kobold, when i test it with my alt char using main char equipments, it cant be done.. im using ws hammerfall, all buff available, with 2 slots holy dagger hydra and memblant cards, and still cant kill it 1 hit with no runes.. so 2 hits its a nice solution for me, thank you..

  10. Mythic Failure Author

    Thx for the videoi bro. Could you make a HAMMERFALL WS/BS guide for those that are in the middle game (60-80) and dont want to spent money in runes? Thx in advance!! GReeting from Brazil.

  11. Jose Lorenzo Sion Author

    Nice video idol..nasa orc ako ngayun..pero hindi ganyan kalaki na fafarm ko gawa ng hindi nka premium alt ko..bawi ba kung sakaling premium ko din ws ko?thanks

  12. Kansianus Taruna Author

    I'm currently lvl 91 with only a few GM, around 35….
    Better farm for kobold hammer or kobold archer and until what lvl i should farm ?

    For gear, i have water axe [1] and vadon card…

  13. Dipta Pradnyana Author

    thank you very much for this guide, I may not able to 1 hit kobolds but their amount is so massive in aggro map and I only need to take 2 hits to take them all


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