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RASEN erneuern – das erste Mal mähen!

Hello dear Lawnfreaks, welcome there I am again. Yes, I spent a week abroad. I had to spend a week on business abroad. I was in Mexico and I was in the USA. In the north of the US near Detroit, and it was absolute madness.
I saw incredible lawns. The Americans really love lawn, so I have to say loud and clear, not you who are watching, but most of us here are newbies about the topic lawn. And the Americans all have, just in the slightly better residential areas, so well maintained lawns. You can be so envious. How these houses and gardens, how these streets are maintained, like the lawn edges with the knife
are cut, like the grass is green and relatively long, so left surprisingly long. But crisp green without weeds, they have to spray a lot of a weed killer, terrible. And unfortunately I was only able to film for a short time, you can now see a small section. Have fun with it. Take a look at these manicured lawns here. This is just unreal. Freaks this is lawn here. In the heart of America, in Detroit, wonderful lawns. Unfortunately I have to work now, such a crap. Yes I’m back, I’ve mowed now. I have with my John Deere rotary mower, with the roller drive, can you watch old videos again, I mowed my whole lawn. It mows to 2.8, I think
2.8 cm, so relatively high. The mower has not picked up a lot of grass, but now it has collected all the foliage here, soaking up all the dirt from the lawn. That’s what makes these sickle mowers really good. They can suck really nice. The cylinder mowers can not do that.
They lay the grass down, and push everything on the lawn what is still there. That’s why in the fall I think it is great
to mow with the sickle mower, and, above all, always picking up all the foliage again and again. The foliage must come down from the lawn. Each leaf, stuck on the lawn, kills the grass underneath. The foliage must go. Yes we did, looks great. I’ll mow now with my mulching mower the rough edges around, and then we walk over to the neighbor. And then, for the very first time, I’m allowed to mow his freshly sown lawn and you see that today too. Have fun with it. What I always find very, very interesting is, that’s not important, but I think it’s very interesting, how high is the grass really? And there is such a highly accurate measuring instrument, namely a folding rule, very well suited. We only want to cut 1/3, the 1/3 rule, only 1/3 of the total length cut away. This is optimal for the grass. My beautiful mulching mower, which is super nice clean, stainless steel, the knives are still pretty sharp. That looks very good and now it’s off. You always want to know when I actually do these videos. Today we have the 19 October 2019
and of course that is high time now to stabilize the lawn here a bit more. Make sure that the grass, the grasses grow again from below, when they are cut off above. It is really high time. Now I measure the height quickly. In fact, the grass is only between 6 to 10 cm high. But if I think it’s optimal, you do not have to grow it higher. That means at 9, a third would be down to 6 cm. So we can’t mow much deeper. Perfect Very interesting! The grass is really still very, very tender, very weak, and the wheels of the mower push the grass completely to the ground. That almost hurts you. Yes, the grass has to get strong, I think that’s the time for a really nice autumn fertilization. Maybe bring it up next week, that the grass gets some power for the autumn and the winter. And then mow, mow, mow. To 5 cm I would go down, not much lower, 4.5 to 5 cm maximum go down And then mow as long as possible. Yes, that was a huge topic. We did, my neighbor did not we, I helped a bit, but my neighbor has peeled down the whole completely dried up turf, then he heaped up topsoil here, then he installed an irrigation system then he sown nicely, then he rolled then he watered, watered and then slowly came the grass seed out, and now it was mowed for the first time. Cool thing. I’ve done a lot of videos there, we will bring them all by and by. And that was ultimately the only salvation of his completely dried-up area, here in the east of his house. Sun comes but not so much sun, and he did not water it up for two years. It was extremely dry in summer for two years. The grass was deep and thickly matted, and completely dead and now it looks really great. He’s been on vacation for two weeks now, he’ll come back tomorrow, and then he’ll see his newly mown lawn. Let’s see he responds. Now, of course, the question why not mow with the cylinder mower now, but with the sickle mower. Yes, that’s really a very important story. That will not work. If you mow with the cylinder mower then you press the grass completely flat, that tips over, that does not straighten up. I’ll show you a few here
detail shots, here to the tracks, you can see that in the tracks how the grass completely lies down. I have the rollers at the front and rear of the sickle mower and that would just upset the grass and not mowed at all. In addition, it is too long for a sickle mower with 10 cm. Ahh now I have promised myself, so of course it is much too long to mow for a cylinder mower with 10 cm, this works only with a sickle mower. So you need at least two
mower, a sickle mower and a cylinder mower. You do not need seven mowers like I have, that’s nonsense. But 2 mowers is a good thing. A beautiful sickle mower, which sucks well, I think optimal, which can be changed to mulching. And then for the brilliant and perfect cut the reel mower. ready Yes I will definitely recommend my neighbor, if the turf has become a bit more robust, so in 2 weeks after fertilization, I would recommend him to roll again. We can take my cylinder mower or he gets a roller, to strengthen the ground a bit more. A rolling after is always very good. Of course, watch that the grass is already stable enough, that it does not remain, and do not straighten up anymore. But that would make the surface a little flatter and more compact. That’s me now after this heavy irrigation, too soft after these heavy rains. Thanks for watching. See you next time. Your Lawnfreak bye Spindle, sickle, spindle, sickle do not chatter Andreas good


  1. Moritz Dodt Author

    Ich würde zum Laub wegmachen den Mulch mäher verwenden, weil du dann eine Art dünger im Rasen hast und es fällt den Regenwürmern leichter. Vielen dank für das Video.

  2. Christoph Wissing Author

    Kann denn dein Rasen mit den 1a Rasenflächen in den USA mithalten ? Nur mal zum Vergleich .
    PS: Kann man dich als Nachbar adoptieren 😄?

  3. nueffl Author

    Ich hab aber immer den Eindruck, dass das eine komplett andere Art von Rasen(samen) ist, als hier in Kontinentaleuropa. Deshalb sind die auch etwas höher geschnitten.

  4. Ti/o Author

    Würde das Gras nicht stärker werden wenn es sich öfter aufrichten müsste?
    So wie beim Pflanzen streicheln (

  5. Dominik Veith Author

    Servus. Ich gucke deine Videos sehr gerne. Sie sind immer sehr informativ und man bekommt immer gute Laune beim zuschauen.

    PS.: Du hast vergessen die Firma auf der Latzhose mit Panzerband abzukleben 🤪🤪

    MfG 🙂

  6. n00by Author

    Ich brauche also noch einen Spindelmäher habe ich gelernt 😂Macht aus deiner Sicht auch ein manueller Spindelmäher für einen kleinen Garten Sinn? Hast du das mal getestet, oder Erfahrungen?
    Btw. Ich hab mal in den USA im Baumarkt gesehen das die Farbe für Rasen verkaufen, da wird eine Flasche an den Gartenschlauch gehangen und der Rasen grün an gesprüht. 🙈

  7. The Audiophilist Author

    Servus, einheitlich ein Frevel dich so etwas zu fragen aber was hältst du von Mährobotern? Ich erwäge ernsthaft mir einen anzuschaffen.

  8. The Dude Author

    Ja die Amis geizen nicht mit Herbizide und werden teilweise ohne großen Schutz aufgetragen. Connor Ward fällt mir da als erstes ein 🙂 Andreas mach weiter so…schön auch mal ein deutschen Rasenfreak in meiner Abo- Liste zu haben..

  9. Moppi Schalinski Author

    Jetzt muss der Nachbar aber aufpassen dass Andreas nicht mal Nachts rüber schleicht um den neuen Rasen weiter zu optimieren xD da wird es dem Rasenfreak sicherlich in den Fingern jucken


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