Raz Simone "Natural Resources" Official Video

the count homing she was fuckin crazy do something different I've got my pencil all over second we ride so I understand we want to make it about music but I wanted to take this step to save we got this new thing called fascism it's racism cousin this is what we do to hold people back this is what we do and we got this other thing that's also been working for a long time you don't have to be races anymore it's called cell paper it works on itself it's like real estate of racism we're just like that when someone comes up and says something like I'm a god everybody says who does he think he is I just touched you I thought I was a god I just told you that's who I think I am would've been better if I had a son in jail I am a nigga over I had a son sir I'm a gangster or badass honest I love him those colors and patina is better on a person like me right but you see you are God especially me you got shipped over to the country that you're in and your last name is a slave owners how could you say that how could you have milkman talent rumble young man Rumble I become the greatest of dodging these polies things bumble where I'm from though some young men mumble and slouch just so they don't get pointed out take the bait I made Graystone intimidate knows without what you know about blackjack you need horses to black the breech the board flips that's black increase proportions black and Veitch horses with natural resources for slavery attract babies to the money that they make him from us engage it's amazing how the government you sell a lot this time the revolution she'll be televised she's not broadcasted live but you be well-advised no scoop sit next to my door I can smell a spy Connie Vanilla Sky bro like wherever I go I keep repent the right for accessorizing with my phone low-cut D'Amato we're no longer niggas with launch now but no longer black we're going from Iran Natural Resources naturally resourceful resources we're no longer wetbacks here cause now we're no longer ground we'll go from here wrong at natural resources naturally resourceful resourceful we made nails out of pig shit now rich kids eat soul food and ask for chitlins sometimes privilege is crippling the Haitians we had tea that's the difference although it's hard to break negative traditions nostalgic indifference I come from a house of Christians who are creatures because they came from my house of Christians I stopped following when I couldn't figure out the difference between us and Muslims us and Buddha's us and Jewish customs and who the fuck is to tell me that I'm closer to hell because I'm becoming well like I should run less efficiently take a small turn or the lesbians and gay men we're all bombs we all turn to some higher power that last hour hopefully out of love not because you're a scared coward if they're our beliefs our sleeves like we can't be cordial unless we agree as for me I believe we're no longer niggas with laws now we're no longer black with ball from Iran and Natural Resources naturally resourceful resources we're no longer wetbacks here cause now we're no longer ground we'll go from here wrong and natural resources naturally resourceful resources you have to do things right as well to make it so thank you video me thank you since you like greater seasons in use in the world into the day only what you do for Christ will last I will hear my mother's worries whispering into my ears tiptoeing around my head and down into my chest attempting to keep hold of my heart to comfort and coddle it with their pure ignorant love grip in my hand to display her solidary and unconditional loyalty if only she knew the things these hands had done


  1. Roger-Charles Manga

    this dude got something really positive on his songs cant wait for Cognitive Dissonance part II ; the Samuel Solomon was good too u jump on my " to watch closely" list …Great Raz !

  2. Okayman

    Raz if you're raised in it you shouldn't be fake Christian saying you don't know religious differences just trying to be friendly to everyone. That's leading your people astray. Like dealing drugs… oh wait. Sigh maybe you just want the girls and fame like a beast said brother.

  3. jessejoeyjames

    Man you and your band rocked those performances! Wish I couldve been there!
    Great song and really dope video man! I love the vibe, the people jumping in it, everything is hyped up, seemed like everyone enjoyed it! Hope you had a great time too! Amazing! These pop-up shows in the middle of the street, crazyy!

    One Love from across the Ocean man.
    ~ Triple-J


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