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Reaping the rewards of agriculture

My job at Nutrien Ag Solutions is as
the Manager of Agronomic Services, and in that role I get to talk with staff on a
daily basis and talk about their customers, talk about their cropping
practices and improve the cropping practices that they are doing on their
local farms. So on a day-to-day basis, I’m talking with Retail staff about
their customers and about the local crops in the area, and talking about
agronomic practices that can improve production or can solve a problem
that we’re facing in Western Canadian agriculture. And there’s a lot of challenges
in agriculture today, and a lot of it has to do with agronomics and somebody has
to answer those questions and that is where I come in as a source of technical
and agronomic information that can be a reliable source of information that is
based off science and can sift through some of the information that’s coming in
from companies across the world and bringing it into applicable science for
Western Canadian agriculture. It’s just a nice feeling to see combines going out in the field, get to
see the crops coming off, get to see the hard work paying off and “putting it in
the bin” is saying like a job well done and the satisfaction of something being
completed for the year, and that’s probably my favorite part of
agriculture – is going through the season just looking forward to the

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