1. David Cline

    Justin, ther is a complete step by step how to at http://www.aces.edu/dept/fisheries/education/documents/classroomaquaculturefacility.pdf or just click on the link in the info above.

  2. Mustapha Balogun

    I am a fish farmer,residing in the southern part of Nigeria,will appreciate if you can put me through the best/cheapest way to utilise plastic gallon for recirculatory on my farm,prompt response will be appreciated

  3. tjwpdl

    I watched the video, but what does this system actually do? Will it produce fish? Or is it just like a home for the fish. I want to breed fish or crabs in my house, is this the kind of system I need?

  4. Emmanuel de Braux

    kudos to all those involved in putting this together. Bringing the concept of modern aquaculture to children in an informative and entertaining fashion. Particularly in this day and age where we will soon face a major food crisis, aquaculture will be a big part of the solution. keep it up!


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