Recirculating Aquaculture Systems technologies

main purpose of this facility is to grow smoke through satellites with c64 on grounds that this farm is 100% atlantic salmon and production is more in kilos here we were a six hundred thousand kilos per year my name is Lance Paige I'm the manager here at Marine Harvest and Estelle ripple hatchery I've been in the industry for 24 years now dalyrimple hatchery started as in the mid 80s as a salmon smolt Patrick full flow through and had many small tanks and produced about 700,000 fishes a ton since then it's Finland in the last 10 years gone through many changes moving into research and larger tank and today the current state is just being completed a new research to produce 600,000 kilo fish per year Transjordan I've been with marine harvest now as an aquaculture technician for approximately eight years the filtration systems that are being implemented in these new hatcheries are fantastic our energy cost of drops considerably we're able to reuse the water and it works its the system that's proving itself day in and day out main benefit from going from flow through to research is it allows us to grow more biomass and use less water so better utilize the resources we have after the water leaves the fish continues down to the drum filter in the process room this is where large particulates taken out of the water down to about 30 microns from there goes through the moving bed biofilters with bacteria lived from there the water continues to co2 stripper after co2 stripping we add oxygen to the water through a lho and at this point we can also put ozone into the water for disinfection after ozone we treat water with UV sterilized it and then from there we turn spectral fish with my brief 8 years of working with the company I have seen automation I've seen streamlining I've seen safety protocols being implemented for overall better work environment for the employee which makes a better work environment for the fish this site back in the 80s would have had 10 people working here in growing 700,000 fish with the help of automation we now grow upwards of five and a half million small per year with not even double to people eighteen people the automation to play big role and producing more product my name is Philip and a fish tech at general hatchery I'm in charge of doing like fish hides injuries we filled feeders do a lot of cleaning and just maintain the site the industry has changed quite a bit since when I first started working in aquaculture technology has really improved the ways you can produce a really high-quality fish everything is monitored your oxygen is monitored your feed rates are monitored everything is much more advanced now than it was back in the late 80s and early 90s I would see this industry booming there the need for it like a runner at the beginning of the you know at the starting line you know he's just twitching ready to go and I think where this industry is ready to explode and provide a high quality product for a customer who japanses


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