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Recommended lenses for sony a6500, a6300, & a6000 (e-mount)

what is up people Dunna here and today
we’re talking about my most recommended lenses for the sony a6500, a6300
or a6000. I don’t think I’m ever gonna have to buy any lenses ever again sorry
what was that Oh Sigma just released a whole line of
art lenses for Sony ooohhhh Recommended lenses for sony a6500, a6300, & a6000 (e-mount) [2018] so before we get started on the lenses I just wanted to
say that when I was putting together this list there were a couple of things
that I was taking into consideration the first thing was that I didn’t want the
lenses to be too expensive I don’t like to spend money you don’t like to spend
money nobody likes to spend money people like to get things they just don’t like
to see the money going away so these lenses need to have bang for buck these
needed to be really great lenses for not too much money the second thing is that
they needed to be complementary to each other the idea of this was that it would
be a kit and they should be able to carry me through almost every situation
I should be able to always have something that I need no matter what and
the third thing is that they had to be good quality so sometimes you get what
you pay for but there are always good deals out there like I said before bang
for buck that’s what I was looking for so high quality low price and they all
had to go together so for each lens in my kit I want to
explain the pros the cons what I use it for and an alternative if you’re just
not into that one or it’s too expensive or whatever it happens to be let’s get
into the first lens the first lens on the list is the Sony 18-105 f/4 power
zoom this is kind of my all-around lens this was my upgrade from the kit lens
it’s important that you start off with a good zoom so that when you pull your
camera out of the bag you’re ready for almost any situation whether you need
wide or whether you need telephoto you’ve kind of got it there for you some
of the things that I really like about this lens are the ability to go from an
18 to a 105 that’s a really nice range it’s optically stabilized so when you’re
shooting video you’re gonna take out all those micro jitters especially when
you’re zoomed into 105 it’s nice to have that steady shot in there all the
zooming happens internally so the lens doesn’t actually get any
bigger this makes it good for putting on gimbals or glide cams because it’s not
actually changing the weight of the lens or where the weight is dispersed some of
the things that I might consider cons of this lens are the fact that it’s only an
f4 aperture it is constant so that’s good but being only an f4 means that
it’s not that good in low-light and you can’t get that really shallow depth of
field that you will be able to on some other lenses it’s also a bit bigger than
some lenses if you compare it to the kit lens that comes with the camera this
thing is tiny you can be pretty inconspicuous with it when you got this
on your camera people are gonna be looking at you what I use this lens for
is kind of an all-around lens it’s great for like events concerts that kind of
thing where you’re not sure if you’re gonna need a wide-angle if you’re gonna
need a telephoto at any given time so you can be changing that going back and
forth I also use it for vlogging because it goes to an 18 millimeter I can hold
it at the end of a gorilla pod and it’ll get everything nicely and because it’s a
Sony lens it works really well with the Sony body to all the autofocus and that
kind of stuff is great it’s not the sharpest lens I’ve ever used but all the
images that come out of it are still really great don’t let anyone tell you
that this isn’t a sharp enough lens if you’re looking for an alternative to
this lens that’s a little bit cheaper definitely go with the kit lens that
comes with the camera if you do get it as a kit with the camera it is so cheap
it’s like a hundred dollars instead of three hundred and fifty or something
like that it’s only a 16-50 so it’s not quite the same range but still a
really nice high quality lens and you can be quite inconspicuous with it
the next lens on your list after you have a decent zoom lens is you’re gonna
need a nice wide angle lens and if you can find one with a nice wide aperture
even better a nice fast wide prime lens is awesome and super useful and that is
where the Sigma 16mm F 1.4 lens comes in this thing is very
quickly become one of my favorite in my kit it is such a nice lens really
high-quality and really wasn’t that expensive for what you’re getting did
you hear me say F 1.4 so the pros of this one first of all 16mm F1.4 that aperture is crazy you rarely hear of wide-angle
with that wide of an aperture a lot of people have trouble with third-party
lenses on Sony bodies but this thing has awesome autofocus this is pretty much
just as good as my native Sony lenses 16 millimeters is great for vlogging on a
crop sensor camera and you’re gonna have no problem trusting that it’s staying
locked on your face the whole time this thing is a low-light master again I
can’t help talk about that F 1.4 aperture the quality of this thing is
amazing it’s made of metal it’s got this nice grippy rubber focus ring which is
really really nice and finally something that a lot of people aren’t talking
about the minimum focusing distance on this thing is crazy it’s very very close
to being a macro lens and it looks super cool because when you’ve got that
wide of a field of view it makes it look like larger-than-life now the cons on
this thing um it’s kind of big I guess it’s not really that big it’s bigger
than the Sony 16 millimeter I don’t really have any actual cons no wait I
thought of one it’s a little bit more expensive than let’s say the Sony 16
millimeter F 2.8 it’s gonna run you a little bit more than that one but to be
completely honest it’s totally worth it speaking of that lens as far as an
alternative to this one let’s say it’s a little too expensive for you or you don’t
like how big it is or something like that something that you can definitely
look into is either the Sigma 19mm F 2.8 or the Sony 16mm F 2.8 which is like a tiny little pancake lens and usually you can
find them used for a decent price too now what the heck do I use the 16
millimeter for well first and foremost vlogging so if you’re holding it at the
end of a Joby Gorillapod or something like that 16 millimeters is a nice field
of view so you can make sure your face is in there you don’t have to worry too
much about it pointing off in the wrong direction also landscape photography or
architecture photography so if you’re taking photos of buildings and you want
to try and get as much of that in there you’re great if you’re trying to take
pictures of like mountains or beautiful landscapes nice wide field of view
that’s why you want a wide-angle lens now the next thing you’re gonna need
when you’re building a kit you’ve got your zoom you’ve got your wide-angle
lens you’re gonna something that you can shoot portraits
with something that’s flattering to the human feature something that’s a little
closer to the way that we see the world and the lens that I’m gonna talk about
isn’t really typically thought of as a portrait lens but I’ve used it for some
portrait stuff and I think it looks great and it is the Sigma 30mm
F1.4 for now I know what you’re gonna say
I know 30 millimeter isn’t made for portrait and this is actually one of the
reasons why I like this lens is because it’s a bit more versatile than let’s say
something like an 85 millimeter or even a 50 millimeter 30 millimeters which
comes to an equivalent of 45 acts a little bit more like what a 50 would on
a full-frame camera now if that was all nonsense to you I am terribly sorry
just trust me this lens is awesome and the reason that I’m not holding it is
because it’s actually filming right now I’m gonna hold this one because it makes
me feel better that I have something in my hands and I’ll point at it but it’s
actually it’s the one on the camera some of the pros with the 30 millimeter are
the fact that it is an F 1.4 again so just like the 16 millimeter we’re
talking about great low light great bokeh creamy smoothie blurred out
backgrounds so nice F 1.4 is just amazing to shoot at you don’t have to
use it all the time if you don’t need it but it’s great to have it 30 millimeter
has quickly become one of my favorite focal lengths wide enough that if you’re
in a smaller area you can still kind of capture the whole picture and yet it’s
still flattering enough that you can have it take portraits and that’s why I
like to shoot these videos with my 30 millimeter and also the sharpness I’m
pretty sure I read somewhere online that when this thing came out it was rated
these sharpest lens made for Sony aps-c cameras
what crazy the cons for this one the manual focus ring is kinda weird it’s a
little tough to use also I found in certain low-light situations the
autofocus was having a little bit more trouble than some of my Sony native
stuff or even the 16mm now what do I use the 30 millimeter for well
first of all I use it for portraits again like I said that’s not typically
what it’s thought of but I really like it because it’s a 45 millimeter
equivalent it’s kind of going to be similar to what a 50 would
be on a full-frame camera the compression isn’t quite the same but I
still find it quite flattering on like human faces and stuff also it’s pretty
great for street photography those kinds of things it’s still wide enough a field
of view that you can be walking around and pretty much snap anything and also
it’s great for products if you’re trying to do like slow motion around things the
30 millimeter just does a great job for that it’s a nice focal length it’s
easily become one of my favorite focal lengths if you’re looking for an
alternative to the 30 millimeter I would definitely suggest the 50 mm F1.8 by Sony it’s a cheaper lens it’s great quality F 1.8 is still pretty good
it’s not quite as awesome as f 1.4 but anyway the 50 millimeter is great if you
need an alternative to the 30 make sure to leave a comment below let me know if
you have any questions about these lenses let’s start a conversation on
that if you want to be friends and hang out some more maybe watch some more
videos or something like that click over here and you can subscribe to
the channel and if you just want to watch another one right now click over
here thanks so much for watching and I’ll see you guys next time Recommended lenses for sony a6500, a6300, & a6000 (e-mount) [2018]


  1. Noel Briffa Author

    For all Sony 6 series be carefull when shooting @ f2.8 !!!!!!! Do not
    take photos looking from the view finder they will come a little blurry.
    There is an issue with the autofocus of the lens when taking photos
    looking from EVF, unless you thake photos looking from the back screen
    of the camera 🙂

  2. John Donaldson Author

    Actually my favorite lens is the 70-200 f2.8 alpha mount by Sigma. It is very sharp and has good bokeh. Of course it has limits being a long zoom. I use it on my Sony A77. I tried it on my a6500 but the focus features are limited with the adapter, so I keep two cameras. After that the Sony f1.8 35mm is pretty good. My walk around lens is the Sony 18-105 f4. It isn't the sharpest but it is great for casual shooting.

  3. Anja Moerk Author

    That’s awesome! Had the kit lens and the kit zoom, upgraded to the Sony 18105 then and the next is gonna be the Sigma 30mm 1.4, haha. Now I watched your video, you actually told me I’m right 😄

  4. Tim Berghoff Author

    Love the video. I am relatively fresh to the Sony world and so far I am smitten.
    Not sure if this was brought up already:

    What about vintage glass?
    There's tons out there, much of it is cheap and just drop-dead gorgeous. Pentax, Canon, Minolta – you name them. There is almost too much choice out there.
    Sure, they're not that great for vlogging, but for B-roll….I'd say "bring on the vintage".

  5. Manuel Ulrich Author

    I'm struggling if I should get the Sigma 16mm + 30mm or only one lense, the Sony 18-105. I will mostly shoot travel videos and landscape/street pictures. No vlogging. Do you have any recommendations?

  6. Marc F Author

    Hey man, good vid. I have a headache just trying to decide on which camera to buy. Starting to lean toward Sony. Am starting out looking to do mainly video work, short films etc. Any thoughts would be great, thanks. These are what I am deciding between, all are in same price range for me:
    Sony A6400 w 16-50mm lens kit
    Sony A7 w 28-70mm lens kit
    Sony A6500 w 18-135mm lens kit
    Canon 80D w 18-135mm lens kit

  7. Floyd Author

    Okey I have money only for 2 of it.
    18-105 I need anyway.
    What should I do with 16 or 30. It's too hard.
    Are 16mm good for portraits sometimes?
    Thank you! Great video

  8. Weberlyn Dossen Author

    Hello!! I just bought the sigma 16mm f1.4 DCN for my Sony a6000 and the lens does not fit! I have lined up all the dots appropriately but it will not latch on. Do you have any solutions for this? Do I need to buy something extra? Did anyone else have this issue?

  9. Ayush Agrawal Author

    I am a beginner and I am not sure what to buy or not the point is I am to get an a6300 soon with its kit lens upto 50mm but not sure will it work out or not
    Need a perfect option for travel purposes with high quality 4k recording

  10. Sujith Remo Author

    I have Sony A6000 camera with 16-50 and 55-210 kit lenses. i want to upgrade my lenses but i dont have any knowledge about lenses, those numbers like f1.4,f1.8,f2.8 etc and its uses. Please help me with the basics

  11. kevin donnelly Author

    @dunna did it. I do nightclub photography and and looking yo upgrade. I'm getting an a6500 and the lenses I was thinking of the 16 70 . F4. Sigma 16mm. And the 35 1.8 . Would this be a good setup.

  12. vincent librojo Author

    I've been using the 30mm f1.4 on my Sony a5000, I'm upgrading to a Sony A6400, should I get the 18-105 or the 16mm? Great video, informative as well!

  13. Henry Brandis Author

    Excellent video. Lots of information packed into short period of time. Especially like the "alternative" feature, describing similar products from different manufacturers.

  14. nolifuncion Author

    Super helpful video! Since the Sigma 56mm 1.4 is recently released, would you recommend it over the Sigma 30mm 1.4? I want to get 3 lenses only.

  15. Henry Brandis Author

    I will likely buy a Sony 6400, but, thanks in part to your videos, probably not buy a kit lens. In your opinion, are there differences between Zeiss lens and Sony's PZ lenses, beyond the cost? Thanks.

  16. Marcio Schenckel Author

    great advices! it's very clear! I've hear about the magnetic AF of Sigma lenses and that what is out of focus tend to jitter/tremble a little. have you heard of it?

  17. Ale Acampora Author

    You should also talk about oss as cons about sigma lenses, i got a 6300 and i was thinking about sony 35mm 1.8 instead of sigma 30 1.4…

  18. unboxing of all Author

    Hello sir i have question about which camera should buy a6400 or a7iii ?? I'm using now canon750d and want to upgrade my usual usage is to get best clarity pictures and some videography work..pls help me

  19. Santiago Toro Author

    My next purchase: Sigma 16 mm f/1.4.
    I already have the 30 mm so I think I'm going with the wide angle from Sigma.
    Any recommendation to buy a fisheye? I don't find nothing good yet!

  20. Foodie Queen Author

    Please help me!!!! I recently got a Sony a6500 for my video vlogs. I do food reviews mostly and recipes. I have absolutely no knowledge regarding camera lens. I bought a “Sony FE 50mm f/1.8 Lens SEL50F18F” lens as recommended by a friend, it is good but the problem with this lens is that shows everything very big – I mean let us say I am standing at a distance of 10 feet from it – then it will only show me zoomed up face and even from this distance only my face is shown in video. I want a good lens that records the actual distance video and not so zoomed one. Kindly help & guide. Thanks you

  21. Vicentiu Amarandei Author

    Your video is awsome.

    I look for a trio 1.4 for wedding photography paired with sony a6400. Do u know something about 16mm 30mm and 56mm 1.4 in AF-C Eye AF tracking with these 3 lenses? Thanks for help.

  22. Divayogi Author

    I came to your page via a search after my friend's son dropped my camera on Sunday. The drop broke the kit lens for my Sony a6300. Thanks to your video, I bought the 30mm Sigma lens from b&h. I ordered it yesterday afternoon and it came this morning with free shipping! Woohooo! Of course, I tried it right away, and I love it! I can not wait to create videos with it. Thanks so much for your help!!! Peace and Love.

  23. Irene Jacoub Author

    Wondering which lense or lenses you would suggest for mainly taking family pictures and pictures of kids. I will likely only use autofocus – want to take nice pictures of my kids and also take pictures on vacations, with friends, at their events, etc.

  24. Cookie Monster Author

    is there a good prime telelens for under 1k? something between 200 and 300mm? I really love taking photos of birds and I am using a Tokina 300 f5.5 with an adapter but the quality isn't really there

  25. SLR Vids Author

    You should also mention these focal lengths should be considered at x1.5 their advertised focal length on an aps-c. The 16mm is equivalent to 24mm and the 30mm is roughly a 45mm..

  26. Christopher Bonte Author

    are you gonna add the sigma 56mill 1.4 to this list? lets say you have the 18-105, 16mm, 30mm and 56mm which one would you toss from your bag for the purpose of simplifying things. and Which would you toss to save your life while hanging from a rope on a cliff and your bag being too heavy.

  27. steven zheng Author

    Nice video. I have Kit lens 1650 and I bought sony 18135, meanwhile, my sigma 30f1.4 on the way. I'm thinking about wide lens now.

  28. Adam B Author

    So kit lens isn't so bad . I read many MANY bad comments about BAD image quality of this kit, because of lens i start looking for other brand, maybe fuji xt30 with 18-55/2.8-4 ?

  29. tecnolover2642 Author

    Cons for the sigma 30mm? um how about the fact it has no optical stabilization! that was the ultimate deal breaker for me because i have a6000 and why i went native sony for my prime portrait lens. Its also why the sigma is cheaper. Also the sony 18-135mm is better than the 18-105mm and a bit lower price!

  30. Tek Minion Author

    Based on your recommendation, and the other reviewers I follow, and since all three of you seem to own the 16mm 1.4 lens, I ended up buying my own. I took some test shots with the lens, and I am blown away by the clarity and level of light that comes into the shot, thank you for your informative video, it was really influential in my decision 🙂

  31. Eleazar Bitoon Author

    Hi Dun, really undecided whether buying 16mm or 18-105. I have 35mm meike and 16-50 kit lens. Im looking for my 3rd lens to use mainly for vlogging, short filming and shooting events. Both stills and videos. Please help me what to buy. Thanks. Anyway im using Sony A6000. 🙂

  32. Marc Terry Photography Author

    Just started Photography a year ago when I had the chance to buy a cheap mint used A6000. Havnt went looking to much as to what others have in there bag as truthfully Im still learning I don't wanna draw the attention my way as I know little. HOWEVER, I have to say hats of to me. I own and use the three lens you have just talked about (well a year ago but you get the point)

    I am so placed with the sigma 16mm f1.4. landscapes and Astrophotography as my thing and I use it a lot. Going out for the day or to a wedding and the like… Im 100% putting on the 18/105 f4 Sony G. Love that lens also.

    The lens for street and the like, well I picked up a very cheap Sony 50mm f1.8. I used to love that for night walks around towns and the like but now its the 16mm sigma I through on.

    So pleased that I made them three lens my kit and watching this video just makes me happier knowing that I done good lol
    Thank you
    New subscriber

  33. Carsten Osterwald Author

    Hey Dunna, a great video !!! As a street photographer ( ) i take the Sigma 30/1.4 at my Sony A6400 …….that´s the best combination i know !!!!!!!!! And for the rest i have the Sigma 16/1.4 and the sony 18/105……With that package i am more than happy !!!!! Greetz Carsten

  34. Haley Scheck Author

    Help!! I’ve been debating between the Sony 18-105 and the 18-135 and am unsure which one to get. I will almost exclusively be shooting still images rather than video. Right now, I can get a display model 18-135 for $499 CAD or the 18-105 new on sale for $699. I’ve tried watching a few side by side reviews, but none have helped sway my decision. You seem to really love the 18-105. Do you feel it performs better/is better quality/worth the extra $200? I want an option that will be an upgrade to my kit lens, as well as a good overall walkabout lens, but that’s also be somewhat affordable. I’m also planning to add the sigma 16mm to my kit at some point as I am interested in shooting landscape photography as well. I currently own the kit lens and the sigma 56mm. Thanks for any advice you can offer!

  35. Jessica Williams Author

    If you were only able to get 2 of the 3, which 2 would you get? I'm purchasing an a6400 and just can't decide…but I'm also NOT trying to break my bank account either.

  36. Bad English Studio B.E.S.T Author

    "Hi i have sony a6400 and the sigma 16 mm f1.4 for landscape and travel lens, and sony 70-200 f4 for sports, both are perfect pair. Looking for final potrait and product lens, do you think its better sigma 30mm or 56 mm f1.4, will it way upgrade from my current oss 50 mm as im not really happy with it, As i saw a lot of review that 56 is a master potrait and 30 have a lot of con. Thanks, appreciate it

  37. Ava Force Author

    Late I know, but can you use the 30mm 1.4 on a a6000 without an adapter? I’m pretty new to Sony so I’m not sure what works and what doesn’t. Thanks👍

  38. James Mathew Author

    Love your videos. I wanted to get a Sony a7ii initially as I wanted to get a mirrorless camera for my personal use. Mainly travel photography and portraits. By no means am I professional photographer. But after seeing your videos on a6500 and the sigma lenses for a6500, I was confused about a7ii. As someone who doesn't take much videos ony camera, do you think I should get a Sony a7ii or a6500?

  39. Jerometky Author

    Hey Dunna, could I get your opinion man? I’ve got the 18-105 F/4 on my A6400 which I mainly use for videos, but I’m really caught up on what to get next. The sigma 16mm or 30mm? I’m considering which could add more value to my videos but I just can’t decide.

  40. Jimmy Cull Author

    What would you choose for up close amongst a crowd, in sport or at a gig or similar. I have the a6300 with the kit so far. Thanks.

  41. Mr. Lemtosh Author

    ahiii I cannot choose between the 18-105 and the 18-135. I use the camera for travelling (pictures only) Help me guys please!

  42. Queen Fae Author

    I'm just starting photography as a hobby, and I intend to shoot mostly landscapes with an a6000. I can't decide if the Sigma 16 or the Rokinon 12 is better…
    Any help would be appreciated! 😊

  43. Chad R Author

    you like the 18-135mm?? I bought that as the kit lens and then grabbed the sigma 16mm for my gimbal and got the 50mm Sony OSS instead of the 30mm ha. nice viedo my friend

  44. The Beard Dream Author

    I own the Sony a6400 with the 16-50 kit lens. I also own the sigma 16mm 1.4. The next lens I was going to buy is the sigma 30mm 1.4. Does anyone have any hands on experience with the sigma 30mm 1.4? How is it? Should I buy it?

  45. Noah Durrenberger Author

    Nice video,
    I’m thinking of getting the a6300 it doesn’t have stabilization, which would you prefer 16mm or the 30mm.
    And would you even recommend using lenses that aren’t stabilized for a camera that isn’t stabilized?
    And would they be usable on a gimbal?
    Thanks so much…

  46. pinkcadillac42 Author

    what is a good lens for concert photography. I am usually close to the stage and once I am in my spot, there is no moving around. I have an a6000.

  47. ANON Author

    Pretty decent kit for a documentery setup. There's also the 56 1.4 sigma for more traditional portrait work, and the Sony zeiss 24mm 1.8 for the lovers of the classic 35mm FF FOV. Personally I use Fuji with 2 lenses, the 23mm and 35mm 1.4. If the sigma lenses were available for fuji I'd pick up the 56, much cheaper than the faster Fuji 56 1.2.

  48. Даниил Межуев Author

    Yo bro! Your review is just awesome!!! And I need an advice. So i have my a6400 with 16-50 kit lens on it and i want to buy another lens…can't choose between sigma 30mm f1.4 and sony 18-105 f4. Which one you would recommend? Reply pls😌

  49. Chaitanya Havaligi Author

    Bro on ur suggestion got 16mm and I had 18-105 as well for my trip to yosemite and trust me I loved 16mm so muchhh (I wish I could share some pics)…for some reason 18-105 was so bad..not sharp or pleasing in various zoom lengths..I deleted all of them (May be its my fault as I am newbie photographer). Will try for some more days and if the pics from 18-105 don’t make sense for me will sell it off…May be its not my cup of tea and sigma primes are my kind…for portrait I am buying 56mm 1.4…I loved the pics from that lens…hopefully that will conclude my lens collection for all scenarios 😀🙏🏻 can you suggest any good sigma zoom lens which is sharper than 18-105? I am obsessed with sigma now 😂

  50. Richard Crowe Author

    One of my favorite lenses for both APSC and Full Frame is the Sony 85mm f/1.8 . My lens collection is in a bit of a flux since I have just sold my 24-70mm f/4 Vario Tessar lens and am replacing it with the 28-75mm f/2.8 Tamron which I am waiting for to arrive…
    As far as APSC only lenses, the two I am most fond of are the Sony 50mm f/1.8 OSS and the Rokinon 12mm f/2.0.
    I also like to use some Legacy lenses from Meyer Optik Gorlitz, Carl Zeiss Jena and Helios…

  51. Ayhan Çapan Author

    I use Sigma 30mm f1.4 dc dn all the time with my a6000. It's an all around lens… Sharpness is crazy… I still don't need a different body or lens for photo and video. Thanks Sigma…

  52. combathotdog Author

    Is it advisable to just get the 30mm sigma over the 16 if I’m finicky about the size/weight. And just compensate the distance by backing up? 😂


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