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    I want to use Black Opaque Tights only …and quite thick , at least 60/ 80 den/100 denier or more ..trouble I have is where can I get them all from ..? as I would need bags full of them

  2. Jane Bird

    Love these videos ladies. I already have some work tights put away i can use for this. I am thinking that i can make some small things for the christmas tree! 🙂

  3. Mags Nash

    Thank you that's so inventive and making use of stuff we would throw out 😀😀😀😀😀 I think 💭 I'm going to be very, very old indeed if I'm going to get all these things done 😂😂😂😂

  4. vanessa Boman

    wow, I was totally amazed at this wonderful use of hems and old tights… this has inspired me to make so many things for fund raising.. thank very much for the inspiration, am now subscribed and addicted to your website lol..

  5. Vera Wroe

    Love your stuff.I need to be more practical with my crafts. Can you direct me to a site (hopefully you) who can show me how to alter pants into maternity pants. (the ones with a high, soft overbelly band. I have several surgeries still to come so need this type of "waist" that puts no pressure in my midriff area. Thank's for everything. I'm 73 and comfort is everything.

  6. Colouricious Holidays

    creative textiles – you need not throw away your old laddered tights any more – recycle them – learn how to make bowls out of old tights!

  7. Laura Welch

    Oh my goodness, I couldn't figure out who this was (: So glad to hear from you. No, I never could get the tights to not curl immediatly, but this project has led me to other exciting projects! I started doing the same thing with strips of scrap denim & that was much easier for me to manipulate. Then, I had one of the bowls I had made sitting on a table & a woman approched me, commenting on it & told me she made bowls out of pine needles! And that is what I am currantly working on (: too much fun

  8. Laura Welch

    Im really struggling with this project, I'm o.k. coiling up the tights, my problem is when I go to make the round, it starts turning into a bowl immediatly. I'd like to make the base a little bigger, to make a little bit bigger bowl. Please, can you tell me where I'm going wrong, any help will be appreciated.I'm loving this so far, just can't get past making the tiny bowls! (:

  9. raventeague

    laddered tights is what we call it when the tights get a hole or catch on something cus it looks like a ladder going up your legs XD hope that helps explain


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